Thumbs Up, Masks Up on first day of Deer Valley’s World Cup

One year from today, the world will be watching the Opening Ceremonies of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games. But first things first: the Intermountain Healthcare Freestyle International Ski World Cup at Deer Valley Resort, which runs today through Saturday, will give the thumbs up or thumbs down to many athletes’ chances of competing in China.

The little picture: If athletes ski moguls fast enough down Champion or jump aerials high enough down White Owl, they will be further on their way to Beijing.

The big picture: If Deer Valley Resort and Park City maintain mindful mitigation strategies for Covid-19, Olympic organizers will be further on their way to successfully hosting, having learned lessons from Park City.

Herculean efforts by the Federation International de Ski (FIS), Deer Valley Resort, the Summit County Health Department, the United States State Department Passport Division, and myriad other sport- and non-sport related entities are unfolding in Park City this week, and have been successful thus far.

No chairlift sharing, no spectators, no media, no problem as the 23rd annual event forges ahead, broadcasting live competitions for global audiences to view. It’s not a huge stretch for these international athletes to wear a winter buff on the mountain, as they have been doing so since they were youth development skiers in their home countries simply to ward off inclement weather. If it means continuing doing so for this opportunity to be at Deer Valley this week – the most coveted event on the world cup tour – they’re all in.

Coaches, trainers and athletes must have proven two negative Covid tests in order to compete. This contrast with the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Committee’s statement yesterday that participants will not be mandated to prove Covid testing there.

Three local athletes, Ashley Caldwell, Nick Page, and Brad Wilson, know that their friends, family and fans will be watching and cheering from home – and so can you.

Live scoring can be accessed on the FIS website.

Viewing schedule:

Thurs, Feb 4th 2:00 pm (MST) Olympic Channel

Fri, Feb 5th 12:30 pm (MST) Dual Moguls, Olympic Channel

3:30 pm (MST) Moguls NBCSN

Sat, Feb 6th 2:30 pm (MST) Aerials, Olympic Channel

Sun, Feb 7th 4:00 pm (MST) next day Aerials, NBCSN

5:00 pm (MST) next day Dual Moguls, NBCSN

No fear of gravity for World Cup aerialists at Deer Valley. Photo: InFront Sports
2021 Intermountain Healthcare Freestyle International FIS Ski World Cup at Deer Valley Resort aerials training. Photo: @usskiteam Photo by Steven Earl

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