Park City Police Log: Recent Calls for Service

PARK CITY, Utah. — It was a week of recklessness and incidents in which drivers evaded law enforcement officers. The following is a roundup of calls to the Summit County Sheriff’s Dept. and the Park City Police Dept.

On Feb. 7, Sheriff’s deputies responded to a stolen drone complaint. A caller said his drone was stolen after a crash-landing near a golf course due to high winds, and that he has since seen it flying around his neighborhood. The case is still under investigation.

Police officers responded Feb. 9 to reports of recklessness near Woodside Ave. A caller reported people shoveling snow off a roof that knocked over a plant and a table. According to the report, she wanted the shovelers cited for being reckless.

On Feb. 11, Sheriff’s deputies located a dump truck on Promontory Ranch Rd. that had been reported for driving recklessly. After the truck was stopped, the driver, 57-year-old Roy Utley, was found to have an active warrant out for his arrest, so he was arrested and booked.

During the night shift on Friday, Sheriff’s deputies attempted to stop a car speeding on Round Valley Drive. The incident report noted “it was possible the driver was having an emergency as they were driving to the emergency room.” Once the vehicle was stopped, the driver ignored the deputy’s orders and started to drive away, but crashed into a parked car. According to the report, “The suspect was removed from the vehicle and later transported to the jail. He was booked on evading, DUI, ignition interlock, alcohol restricted driver, speeding, and failure to maintain a lane.”

On Sunday, Sheriff’s deputies attempted to pull over a Toyota Corolla on SR-224 for lacking insurance. According to the department’s report, it took several minutes to get the car to pull over, but it “finally came to a stop north of Kearns Blvd after a Park City officer was able to get in front of the vehicle.” The two people riding in the car were detained, then released after an investigation determined they were foreigners and therefore “unfamiliar with the police and laws in Utah.” The car was impounded and the driver and passenger were released after the driver was cited for lack of insurance and a license.

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