Swastikas, Racial Slurs Spray-painted in Newpark

PARK CITY, Utah. — On Jan. 4, a Summit County Sheriff’s deputy responded to a report of graffiti on the mural and sidewalk of the Newpark pedestrian underpass, part of Basin Recreation’s Millennium Trail. According to the report, the tagging included vulgar, crude words and images, including a swastika and racial slurs.

“Any graffiti or tagging is unlawful and inappropriate,” said Lt. Andrew Wright of the Sheriff’s office. “To paint anything racial, bigoted, sexist, anti-Semitic, sexual, or otherwise vulgar is despicable and unlawful behavior – our community is better than this. As with any reported crime, we will investigate and attempt to hold the person(s) responsible for the criminal conduct.”

According to Lt. Wright, the Sheriff’s department receives only a few reports of graffiti each year and it is uncommon for the tagging to include vulgar messages like those reported in this incident. There are no suspects in the case yet, and Basin Recreation has been notified by the Sheriff’s department.

The graffiti, shown below, was spray-painted throughout the tunnel. View with discretion.

Racial slurs, swastikas, crude and vulgar language painted over what was once a colorful, positive mural in the pedestrian underpass at Newpark.

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