Welcome to TownLift, Park City’s new Local News Source

PARK CITY, Utah. — Just launched, TownLift is a free digital-only news website that provides access to local events in real time. TownLift focuses on news affecting local people’s daily lives, from traffic and emergencies to schools, government, tourism, entertainment, and all things outdoors. Advertisers and users will find the site immersive, nimble, and a powerful way to tell stories and connect people and places, said its founders.

“There’s really something rewarding and empowering to knowing what’s going on in your community,” said owner and Chief Technology Officer Brian Modena, 38. “Each community has its own unique story that deserves to be shared, and that’s the point of this platform.”

TownLift has been in the works for many months as Modena and co-owner/Chief Operating Officer Brian Gulotta, 40, work to build on their past successes in digital news. They previously owned Buckrail in Jackson, WY, vastly expanding its local journalism, revenues, and user views before selling it last year.

The two are excited to replicate those achievements in Park City, utilizing software Modena designed and amplifying local journalists’ work to focus on all things Park City.

The Brians on a recent adventure in the New Zealand backcountry“Park City is where I started my career. It’s always been a home base,” said Gulotta. “I was hired (at over a ping pong table in Heber City. This town embodies work-life balance, and we want to enhance that.”

The name TownLift should surprise no one – Park City’s town lift is central, iconic, and inextricably linked to the community. Its function as a central meeting place matches Gulotta’s and Modena’s goal of becoming a place where people come together. will remain free for users – ‘the Brians’ oppose paywalls, believing access to information shouldn’t depend on the ability to pay. “The more informed and engaged in the community is, the healthier it is,” Modena said.

Mountain towns are their own brand of magic, to be treasured and celebrated every day. It’s why you’re here – or why you visit. Drop a line to and weigh in: What do you want to see, what do you need, how can TownLift improve your life?

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