PSA: Moose still roaming in Park City

Here's how to keep everyone and everything safe

PARK CITY, Utah — The Park City Police Department is advising Parkites to stay vigilant. Many moose still remain in lower elevations, increasing the chances of encounters.

Moose are more likely to wander into urban areas this summer searching for water sources. The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR) reports that Utah is home to 2,500 to 3,000 moose, typically found in forested areas along the Wasatch Front and in northern Utah.

“In my years of working with wildlife, I have dealt with bears, rattlesnakes, cougars and moose, and the only species that I’ve had turn and come back at me was a moose,” said DWR Wildlife Section Chief Covy Jones. “People often underestimate how aggressive they can be.”

Moose, which can weigh between 600 to 1,000 pounds, pose a significant danger when they feel threatened. They are particularly aggressive in the spring and summer when cow moose have calves and during the fall breeding season for bull moose. Physical signs of aggression in moose include lowering their head, hair standing up on their neck, licking their snout, and pinning their ears back.

To avoid conflicts with moose, the DWR advises the following safety measures:

  • Give moose plenty of space and observe their behavior.
  • Never approach or feed a moose.
  • Keep dogs leashed and under control at all times.
  • Stay calm, make your presence known, and slowly back away if you encounter a moose.
  • If a moose charges, hide behind something solid or seek shelter inside a vehicle or building.
  • If knocked down, curl into a ball, protect your head, and remain still until the moose leaves.

“Like with most wildlife, if you give moose plenty of space and don’t try to get too close, it will help keep you and them safe,” Jones added. “Our biologists relocate numerous moose in urban areas every year, and we really want people to admire these amazing animals from a distance and stay safe.”

For more moose safety tips, visit the Wild Aware Utah website.

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