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New bandshell stage aims to transform downtown Heber into community hub

HEBER CITY, Utah — Ground has been broken on a project that hopes to kickstart Heber City’s transformation into a vibrant community hub. Public information officer Ryan Bunnell revealed plans for the new bandshell stage, part of a larger initiative to revitalize downtown Heber and make it a destination location.

According to Bunnell, this project culminates years of planning and community input. “It started with the Envision Heber 2050 General Plan, which was aimed at transforming our downtown into a walkable, amenity-rich area,” Bunnell explained. The plan indicated a strong community desire for more communal spaces. “The bandshell is just one part of an overall plan that we hope to activate.”

One of the key features of the bandshell is its design, which mirrors the architectural essence of old barns in Heber, modernized for contemporary use. “The rock material being used is matched up to the historic building right next to it—the Daughters of Utah Pioneer building,” Bunnell noted.

The project is also designed to boost local business. Plans include developing incubator storefronts around the bandshell area where small businesses can rent space temporarily to sell their products during events. “This helps promote small businesses as opposed to chains, particularly in the downtown area,” said Bunnell.

Funding for the bandshell has been secured primarily through federal grants, ensuring that the financial impact on local taxpayers is minimized. “This grant money is being used for the bulk of the construction, and we’re hoping to have the bandshell completed by the end of summer,” Bunnell added.

The mayor, Heidi Franco, who spoke at the groundbreaking ceremony, linked the development to broader visions, including potential opportunities connected to the upcoming Olympics. “There’s a plan that gives us something to work towards over the next three decades,” Bunnell relayed from the mayor’s speech, which highlighted an ongoing effort to attract private sector investment to facilitate changes conducive to the community’s vision. Franco also communicated the desire for the bandshell to potentially be used as a fan zone during the Olympics.

This project represents a significant step forward in Heber City’s long-term plan to transform the downtown area into a lively and engaging community space.

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