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Summit County counterfeiter caught: Local business tip leads to arrest

Summit County deputies find a printer and fake bills in vehicle search

COALVILLE, Utah — A driver was taken into custody in Coalville after Summit County Sheriff’s deputies discovered evidence of counterfeit bill production in his vehicle. The arrest was part of a wider effort to stem the flow of fake currency in the area.

The breakthrough came after a local business, having received counterfeit $100 bills, provided the Summit County Sheriff’s Office with a description of a suspect and their vehicle. “A vehicle matching the suspect vehicle was spotted, and law enforcement action took place from there,” Sgt. Felicia Sotelo explained to TownLift.

Upon searching the vehicle, deputies uncovered forgery devices and counterfeit bills. Sgt. Sotelo indicated that the individuals used a printer to create the counterfeit $100 bills, a detail that underscores the sophistication of the operation.

Specifics regarding multiple charges are still under review as the investigation continues.

The Summit County Sheriff’s Office has provided tips on its social media platforms for businesses and individuals seeking to protect themselves against counterfeit currency. A few of the tips include:

  • Real bills will feel textured and have slightly raised ink
  • Fake bills will be missing the watermark on the righthand side of the bill (when held up to the light)
  • Real bills consist of a special paper that is 75% cotton and 25% linen, which contains tiny blue and red fibers
  • Fake bills may appear blurry near borders and fine lines

Sgt. Sotelo encourages anyone in the community who suspects they’ve received counterfeit bills to contact their office, providing the direct line to Sergeant Davis for reporting such incidents: 435-615-3596.

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