SNAPPED: Free Sasha & Mocha stickers circulate as support for ‘menacing dogs’ grows

Susan Hermann said the stickers were given to her in a brown paper bag while she and her husband were attending a fundraiser last week

PARK CITY, Utah — An underground movement in support of two “menacing” Old Town dogs has started to gain momentum as “Free Sasha & Mocha” stickers are popping up on windows and car bumpers around town.

Susan Fredston-Hermann and Eric Hermann, the dogs’ owners, have been at the epicenter of what many are calling harassment by their neighbor Matthew Prince.

The couple, who have called Park City home for years, have been faced with two civil lawsuits in as many weeks. One for their “menacing dogs” (as they are described in the lawsuit), a pair of Bernese Mountain Dogs, Mocha and Sasha, and another for a “multi-inch” encroachment of a retaining wall on a piece of land Prince recently bought adjacent to the Hermann’s Old Town residence.

Hermann and Fredston-Hermann are part of a group currently appealing the split Planning Commission’s vote to approve Prince’s new mansion that required several zoning changes and special permits to be built. Matthew Prince is richest man in Utah according to Forbes and the owner of the Park Record newspaper in Park City.

“A normal neighborly dispute – and we had no idea there was any problem with either our dogs or the wall before Prince filed the complaints – starts with a knock on the neighbor’s door and a conversation,” Eric Hermann told TownLift, Wednesday.

Prince told The Daily Beast in an interview “This is essentially just two rich people fighting with each other, which is silly, but here we are.”

Susan Fredston-Hermann said the stickers were given to her in a brown paper bag while she and her husband were attending a fundraiser for Holy Cross Ministries last week.

According to Fredston-Hermann, she has received word that more Free Sasha & Mocha stickers are on the way and to point people interested in nabbing one in the direction of the Park City Follies.

Susan Fredston-Hermann with her dogs, Sasha and Mocha, on a trail in Park City. Photo: Susan Fredston-Hermann.



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