Input needed from frontline employees to C-suite execs to shape Chamber programs and events

PARK CITY, Utah — The Park City Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau (PCCVB) is conducting its annual business survey, inviting not only Chamber members but also businesses and frontline workers from the community at large to participate. This survey, open until March 1, plays a crucial role in shaping the future programs and initiatives of the Chamber, aiming to better serve the needs of the broader Wasatch Back community.

“This is your opportunity to inform the work we do as an organization to benefit the community,” said Scott House, PCCVB’s Vice President of Partner Services. “Without your input, without your feedback, we can’t do our best to serve your needs as a broader Wasatch Back community and the business community. Participation is crucial; it really does make a difference in the work we do, and we would love to hear from everybody.”

Traditionally limited to Chamber members, last year marked a shift towards inclusivity, welcoming all businesses. This shift recognizes that valuable insights can come from various perspectives within the community. The aim is to gather diverse feedback to inform the Chamber’s decision-making process for the upcoming fiscal year.

“We want everybody from frontline employees, interns all the way up to C-suite executives to participate in this,” House said.

The survey consists of approximately 32 questions. However, the length is mitigated by logic-driven navigation based on responses. If you are not a Chamber member, certain questions won’t be presented to you, streamlining the process. With only 20 set questions, the survey covers essential aspects of the community’s business landscape.

To encourage participation, the PCCVB offers participants the chance to win a $100 Visa gift card. Winners will be randomly selected from survey respondents who provide an email or phone number.

Beyond the tangible incentive, contributing to the survey provides an opportunity for businesses to have a direct impact on the Chamber’s future programs and events. The more diverse and widespread the participation, the more accurate and insightful the collected data will be.

In the previous year, the PCCVB received 314 completed surveys, equating to nearly a 20% response rate. For Chamber members, the response rate was even higher, reaching close to 28%. This year, the Chamber is eager to hear from a broader spectrum of businesses, anticipating responses from 400 to 500 participants.

The PCCVB’s annual business survey is a unique opportunity for both Chamber and non-Chamber members to actively shape the future of Park City’s business landscape. By sharing your thoughts and experiences, you contribute to the development of programs, events, and initiatives that aim to benefit the entire community.

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