Winter’s favorite town offers so much more than resort skiing and snowboarding

PARK CITY, Utah — Although most think of skiing and snowboarding when it comes to Park City, there’s no shortage of activities to be experienced in winter’s favorite town. For locals looking for something new and off the beaten path or for visitors seeking a different type of thrill, the Park City Chamber of Commerce highlights some of the greatest guides, outlets, and experts for winter adventure seekers.

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Fat Biking with White Pine Touring

“Fat biking is a great way for newcomers to get a feel for the variety of activities and trails Park City has to offer,” said Daniel Hodges. “Plus, it gives locals a much more enjoyable way to keep their cycling legs during the snowy winter months than their indoor trainers. Whether you’re just looking to get out there and enjoy the beautiful scenery on some of the shared, multi-use trails or get some winter-time cornering practice in on some of the single-track offerings, there’s winter riding to be done at any skill level.”

Fat bikes and equipment are available for rent, and customized guided tours can be booked to learn the sport and terrain. Park City has an abundance of snow-packed, groomed trails specially designed for winter mountain biking.

Snowmobiling with Park City Peaks Snowmobiling

“Guests frequently talk about how the experience of being able to effortlessly get deep into the spectacular Utah backcountry,” said Bud Larson. “In many cases, they mention their lives changing after they have experienced the mountains in such an up close and uncommon manner. Many out-of-town guests don’t have much experience with the mountains, especially during the sometimes harsh but always beautiful winter season.

“On the other hand, even locals rarely get to experience the mountains like you can with our snowmobile tours. First, our tours are on a huge, private, and undeveloped ranch (where they filmed Yellowstone) right next to Park City near Oakley. With such exclusivity and remoteness, guests can brush right up against Mother Nature on groomed trails that intimately wind through the snow-covered mountains and forests, leading to amazing vistas that look out over three states (UT, WY, and ID).”

With 60,000 acres of private playground, Park City Peaks Snowmobiling has a lot to offer beginners and experts. They think of everything from comforting amenities like hot soups and cocoa at the base lodge, lunch by a warm fire at our mid-mountain cabin at 9,000 feet to heated hand grips and foot warmers on the snowmobiles themselves. Feel comfortable and safe with their certified guides.

Dog sledding at Rancho Luna Lobos

Dana and Fernando Ramirez of Rancho Luna Lobos believe in providing the very best life for its rescues. The Luna Lobos pack is currently 87 dogs strong with a mix of rescues and athlete canines. The Ramirez family approaches dog sledding as a sport about service, serving the animals in turn teaching us how to be better servants to the human pack.

“For our kennel, hearing the stories of our rescues and the obstacles they had to overcome to be the individuals and athletes they are today is inspiring. After meeting our dogs, our guests leave feeling inspired, and that’s our goal. The sled ride is just a small part of what we do here. When our guests visit us, they’re a part of something bigger. They’re a part of our pack.”

Backcountry Touring with Inspired Summit Adventures.

Backcountry skiing with Inspired Summit Adventures

“We share our passion with our clients because we have experienced the connection to nature that backcountry touring provides. We also help people experience the confidence that comes when they prove to themselves that they can do hard things. I am so grateful to be a part of this community,” said Cindi Grant.

Inspired Summit Adventures elevates the skiing experience beyond the resort. Backcountry skiing can be intimidating, so skiing with certified guides and experts is a great way to learn and experience the backcountry. Its certified, experienced mountain guides have a deep knowledge of the Uinta and Wasatch mountain ranges that cater to all ability levels. Guides can even do hotel, rental, or at-home pick-ups for Park City guests.

“Backcountry skiing speaks to people because it combines the joy of skiing with the freedom of being immersed in nature away from the crowds,” said Shaun Raskin. “It’s a way to spend a day moving your body, connecting to your surroundings, touring partners, and yourself. The lasting benefits are felt, and our incredible growing community speaks to that.”

Ice fish with Utah Ice Fishing

With its family-friendly tours, Utah Ice Fishing provides a memorable experience for you and your loved ones. The local tour primarily guides on Rockport and Echo reservoir, both of which have been prime spots for ice fishing. Expert guides are equipped with insulated tents, heaters, electric augers, and top-of-the-line fish finders to ensure your comfort and an unforgettable interactive experience.

“I can’t speak for everyone, but the idea that you are fishing on a frozen lake and catching fish through a hole that you drilled is so unique that it gives you a thrill,” Jeff Harwin said. “Most of the time, you are fishing in a relatively small tent, making it a very social activity. Because no casting is involved, it is very easy for kids to do, making it a great activity for families.”

Snowshoe tours with All Seasons Adventures

All Seasons Adventures’ snowshoe tours can be leisurely, moderate, or aerobic. Private tours can be arranged as well. Your guide will pick you up and drive you to the trailhead with water, snacks, and a first aid kit. At the trail, you will be outfitted with waterproof overshoes, snowshoes, and poles. Your guide will have room in their pack if you need to shed a layer, too. Snowshoeing is an excellent option for anyone interested in experiencing the scenic Wasatch or Uinta Mountains.

“We have found snowshoeing to be the ideal activity for nonskiers because it opens up the opportunity to enjoy the winter landscape without the stress that some can feel with skiing,” said Justin Brown. “Additionally, snowshoeing can fill many roles, such as a way to exercise, get fresh air, views, photos, and explore new areas.  The simplicity of snowshoeing also means it is accessible to most populations as there are few barriers to entry.”

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