SNAPPED: From fuzzy to fearsome, a moose’s eerie Halloween antler evolution

PARK CITY, Utah — Although this photo shared by the Utah Department of Natural Resources may look like something out of a Halloween horror movie, it’s actually a normal part of the moose’s natural antler development process.

According to the DNR, bull moose shed this fuzzy layer of skin when their antlers are finally fully grown.

“When the bull moose’s antlers are fully grown and mating season arrives, he sheds the fuzzy skin layer, aka velvet, that supplied the antlers with a tremendous concentration of nerves and blood for months,” said a Facebook post from the DNR. “The velvet skin dries up and falls off, and then he has a shiny new set of antlers to intimidate and take down his competition.”

Over the winter, the moose will shed his antlers, and grow new ones, beginning the cycle all over again.

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