Local business aims to help consumers ‘Live Free’

'When it comes to clean living, awareness is such a key factor,' says Free Living founder Dana Grinnell

PARK CITY, Utah — Free Living Co. offers an all-in-one online platform dedicated to clean living. With a mission to empower individuals to live free from harmful ingredients found in personal and household products, Free Living introduces a convenient and reliable solution for well-being.

In a world where healthy living has become more important than ever, many consumers face the daunting challenge of sifting through misleading labels and confusing ingredient lists, even in products from stores claiming high standards.

Dana Grinnell, founder

“I worked in health care for 17 years. I think the seeds for the company were planted back then,” said Dana Grinnell, its founder. “I started doing research and bringing healthier products into my home. This summer, my free and clear laundry detergent spilled in my car and was purple. This was a free and clear detergent and yet some chemical reaction had happened and turned it bright, fluorescent purple. I realized that if I was having this problem, I was probably not the only one.”

Free Living understands the concerns and challenges to living ‘free’ and has taken the guesswork out of healthy living. Meticulously reading and scrutinizing every label, they ensure that each product on their platform meets the highest health, quality, and sustainability standards.

“When it comes to clean living, awareness is such a key factor,” said Grinnell. “We live in such a healthy community in Park City, but they could have highly toxic products in their house. The packaging could look very healthy, and yet it could have multiple ingredients that are putting their family at risk.”

Free Living is also committed to environmental responsibility. They cut down on shipping and packaging by using a reusable tote when delivering a wide range of products to your doorstep. They offer a spectrum of wellness, from personal care and beauty essentials to household cleaners, kitchen staples, and home décor.



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