The team behind the team: bobsleds/skeletons built in the US for team USA

Mooresville, NC — USA Bobsled Skeleton (USABS) announced on Thursday its continued partnership with deBotech, Inc., the leading manufacturer of carbon fiber components based in Mooresville, NC.

This collaboration signifies a significant leap forward in the world of bobsled equipment, as it brings cutting-edge technology to the forefront and enhances the performance of the USA team on the global stage.

As part of this partnership, deBotech, which was founded in 1998 by Hans and Jamye deBot, will leverage their expertise to provide USA Bobsled/Skeleton with custom-made carbon fiber bobsled bodies and components. Hans began building sleds for USA athletes over two decades ago. In the 2002 Winter Games in Park City, Utah, one of his sleds was featured as forerunner sled and his contributions had a significant impact on USA’s performance from 2010 in Vancouver through 2022 in Beijing. On the skeleton side, deBotech has worked with individual athletes on skeleton sled designs and plans to continue working to provide skeleton sleds and components to USABS to further support USA athletes.

Hans deBot, president of deBotech, expressed his pride in collaborating with USA Bobsled/Skeleton coupled with the contribution of American athletes, said in a statement, “We are honored to work with USA Bobsled/Skeleton and contribute to the accomplishments of the USA team. Our carbon fiber products are designed to be the best in the world, and we are excited to see them perform on the international stage and help our athletes dreams come true”.

deBotech will strive to build bobsled bodies and components to be innovative, stronger, and more aerodynamic than ever before by utilizing advanced manufacturing techniques and state of the art materials in cooperation with Marc van den Berg, Technology and Equipment Lead with USABS, and Cameron Dempster, who is an industrial designer.

“Working alongside deBotech to design the sleds gives me ultimate freedom in creating the best performing shapes. I know whatever unique characteristics are required, Hans can dig deep into his vast depth of knowledge and produce it. deBotech removes the barriers that are often faced when developing high-performance parts and adds unrivaled engineering solutions along with elegant attention to detail resulting in world-class products. In partnering with deBotech, USABS has a true technical advantage and top-of-the-line equipment,” Cameron Dempster shared in a statement about the ongoing relationship between the two organizations.

USA Bobsled/Skeleton recently hosted a USABS Team Camp in North Carolina, including a reception at the deBotech headquarters in Mooresville. This provided USA athletes, coaches and others with an exclusive firsthand look at the next generation of bobsleds.

“We are thrilled to partner with deBotech and bring their expertise in carbon fiber manufacturing to our athletes,” said Marc van den Berg in a statement. “We also loved seeing the excitement and support from the town of Mooresville. There is always a team behind the team that plays a critical role in the success of the USA team. We are grateful for deBotech’s contributions and Mooresville’s support.”

“Many years ago when I started as an athlete, the United States had to purchase bobsleds from European sled builders. In the United States, teams do not have government funding to support their training, sports equipment or technology programs to compete with, unlike many other countries, so we need to rely on the private sector for our support. It was a huge benefit for the USA program when Hans and deBotech connected with the bobsled team to help build faster sleds for our athletes over the last 20 years. As we gear up for the 2026 Games in Milan/Cortina Italy, we are grateful that Hans and deBotech continue their sponsorship and support in helping the USA go for gold,” Brain Shimer, USA head bobsled coach, said in a statement.

With upcoming World Cup competitions and the highly anticipated World Championships scheduled to take place in Lake Placid, NY in 2025, USABS athletes are eager to equip themselves with the best technology available. This collaboration between USA Bobsled/Skeleton and deBotech, Inc. symbolizes a remarkable combination of innovation, expertise, and unwavering determination. With deBotech’s unrivaled carbon fiber experience, the USA team is focused on 2026 and beyond.

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