New study finds Utah ranks second highest rate of speeding-related fatal crashes

UTAH — A recent study conducted by legal firm Heninger Garrison Davis has unveiled concerning insights into the impact of speed on fatal traffic accidents across the U.S. The study, which analyzed data sourced from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), reveals Utah’s unsettling position as the state with the second-highest incidence of fatal crashes where speed has been identified as a contributing factor.

The study’s researchers delved into the most recent NHTSA data to identify states with the highest proportions of fatal accidents linked to excessive speed. These speed-related factors encompass scenarios where drivers have not adhered to speed limits, driven recklessly in adverse road conditions, or engaged in racing activities.

At the forefront of this disconcerting ranking is our northern neighbor, Wyoming, where a staggering 28.43% of fatal crashes have been attributed to drivers operating their vehicles at unsafe speeds. This percentage translates to 29 out of 102 recorded fatal collisions and stands significantly higher—by 63.84%—compared to the national average of 17.35%.

Utah followed closely as the state with the second-highest revealing that 26.62% of all fatal crashes in Utah (78 out of 293 incidents) were connected to drivers disregarding speed regulations. This figure represents a stark elevation of 53.41% over the national average.

Virginia secures the third spot, recording a speed-related crash rate of 26.49%, translating to 240 out of the 906 fatal accidents in the state. This percentage surpasses the national average by 52.65%.

The study’s findings underscore the critical role of accurate data analysis in identifying trends related to fatal accidents, particularly those linked to excessive speed. Experts emphasize the need to address these alarming statistics through measures that promote responsible driving behaviors and increased road safety awareness.

Heninger Garrison Davis.

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