Local Lens: Parkites line up to see presidential motorcade

PARK CITY, Utah —Regardless of where you stand politically it is not everyday that the President of the United States of America visits your quaint little mountain town.

Parkites lined up either by choice or by being stuck in traffic to catch a glimpse of President Joe Biden’s motorcade as they drove from Salt Lake City, Up, I-80 in Parleys Canyon and on to SR 224, ultimately heading up white pine canyon road for a private fundraising event. Both I-80 and State Road 224 were closed down for the presidents drive, and all UDOT traffic cams were diverted to show blue sky or pavement.

A bystander who was waiting to see the Presidents motorcade with her son told TownLift, “This is not about your political party, I am here out of respect for the office and I want my son to learn about that.” For many this was a first time and a once in a lifetime experience to see the President in Park City.

While the vast majority of Park City residents did not make the cut to attend the private fundraising event, many lined the streets to catch a glimpse of the president. Here are some of the images and video that was shared with TownLift.


Did you get a picture or video of the presidential motorcade? send it to tips@townlift.com for a chance to be featured.



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