Solomon Fund registers Latine Park City athletes

PARK CITY, Utah — The Solomon Fund held a registration event at the Park City Library on Saturday.

Park City’s Beano Solomon is the founder of the Solomon Fund. She told TownLift, “When I looked up and saw hundreds of families signing their children up for sports and activities, I was proud.”

They signed up Latine children from three years old, in all four elementary schools, to Ecker Hill Middle School. Because the RISE Fund was also there, they were able to connect from Treasure Mountain Junior High and Park City High School as well.

Diego Zegarra, Vice President of Equity and Impact, told TownLift, “Our winter overall has been very exciting because of the snow and we have a record number of kids participating in Winter sport programs. He added, “This summer we are looking forward to seeing kids participate in the outdoors and get involved in programs such as biking, camping, soccer, and even pickleball.”

Nearly 30 Park City organizations offered programs such as boxing, soccer, football, summer camps, swimming, and many more summer activities. In addition, they had various community resources offered such as mental health services, healthcare, library cards, and early childcare.

The Park City Ice Arena sports had a record 34 sign-ups.

“We are thrilled to be able to help connect hundreds of Latine youth to spring and summer activities. We’re also incredibly grateful to the organizations offering the programs and working with us to make it all possible.” Sarah MacCarthy, Community Impact Director told TownLift.

The goal of Solomon Fund is to facilitate access to sports and recreation opportunities for Latine youth to create a more inclusive, and complete community. Mirroring the percentage of students in the school district, they aim to reach 20% Latine participation in programs offered in Park City. 

The Solomon Fund is a Park City Community Foundation program that addresses several barriers that currently hinder participation for these families from participating in sports and activities, including:

  • Scholarships and Gear: Solomon Fund partners with many local organizations and businesses to help set up scholarship programs, recruit Latine children, and in some cases, provides grants to help supplement their scholarship programs. Additionally, on an ad hoc basis, Solomon Fund connects kids to gear, including bikes, skis, and helmets.
  • Cultural Inclusion: Unless a space is intentionally designed to think about children from diverse backgrounds, it may be challenging for a child to feel included and fully participate when they are the only one that looks like them. Solomon Fund facilitates community conversations around diversity, equity, and inclusion and supports partner organizations on best practices when working with Latine children and families.
  • Communication and Outreach: Historically, sports and recreation opportunities haven’t been noticed by Latine families due to communication gaps between organizations and families. Translation of promotional materials and outreach is creating more engagement and participation from Latine families.

Donations to the Solomon Fund may be made by clicking here.

The Solomon Fund's Spring Registration event held at the Park City Library.
Solomon Fund. Photo: Mackenzie Moran

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