Lia Block is back on track in a ‘Rally on Ken’ car

PARK CITY, Utah — Lia Block is driven. The Park City High School student had already had a proven and promising competitive car career before her famous father Ken passed away earlier this winter in a tragic, untimely snowmobiling accident in Utah. He had enjoyed a prolific profession. She shifted into gear the next portion of her racing path on Friday.

She gets her bravery from inside of her, and she’s emboldened, bolstered, and buoyed by the blessing from outside of her. Blessings of her mom, Lucy, blessings of her personal Park City community, blessings of the professional USA Hoonigan Team, and blessings of the global adoring auto industry. 

Lia Block in the driver's seat in February 2023.
Lia Block in the driver’s seat in February 2023. Photo courtesy of Lucy Block (Facebook)

Lucy Block, Ken’s widow, wrote the following on her Facebook page, “It has not been easy to get this far without Ken here but we know he will be happy to see us having fun on some of his favorite rally roads in the USA. I am so proud of Lia and the rest of this amazing team for continuing to do what we love.”

Her permission from mom goes a long way in pursuing her passion for this sport.

Like any good driver, Lia knows that there are times when one needs to look in the rear view mirror, and times when one needs to look ahead to what’s coming next.

She’s taking a turn for the better.

Lia Block's Rally car.
Lia Block in the Rally For Ken car. Photo courtesy of Lucy Block (Facebook)

Lia’s channeling her turmoil towards her talent on the track.

Surrounded by like minded mentors and mentees, the role model, or roll model, Block family attended last Saturday and Sunday’s weekend of Women In Motorsport event at Dirt Fish Rally Driving School in Washington State. The car they drove had the words written on it. “Rally for Ken.”

Lia Block's Rally car.
Lia Block’s Rally car. Photo: courtesy of Lucy Block (Facebook), photo credit: Tony Harmer

Lia has been focussed on family, friends, and fun since she was six, and now after she turned sixteen, that hasn’t changed.

Keeping an open mind about the open road, Lia’s younger sister and brother Kira and Mika “both learned to drive a manual and did their first gravel slinging in an actual car,” wrote Lucy on Facebook.

Buckle up sports fans, because this family’s fast past is drifting into a fast future.

Lia Block’s driving is divine.

Lia Block Rally driving.
Lia Block in the “Rally on Ken” car. Photo: courtesy of Lucy Block (Facebook)

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