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Tiffany Haddish and Michael Gandolfini debut at Sundance

PARK CITY, Utah — Tiffany Haddish and Michael Gandolfini premiered their Sundance Film Festival movie, ‘Landscape with Invisible Hand’ on Monday at the Eccles Theater in Park City. It’s both of their first Sundance films, but buzz suggests it may not be their last.

Sundance screenings sometimes include a subtle, quiet reminder by the filmmakers to politely cast one’s vote for Favorite Film if and only if one were so inclined to take time out of their busy schedule to please do so. This screening was different since ‘subtle’ is not in Tiffany Haddish’s repertoire. She, to no one’s surprise but everyone’s delight, yelled out to the audience before the film started, “Y’ALL BETTER VOTE!” 

After all, she’s got a vested interest in those votes as she’s an actress in this thought-provoking film and an executive producer.

People lucky enough to have gotten a ticket to this sold-out performance didn’t need a plea to vote; they couldn’t wait to. The applause and positive comments toward the cast and crew during theQ and A was indication enough. Landscape with Invisible Hand gets a four out of four stars from TownLift. 

Haddish plays a single mom who was an attorney but, since the alien takeover, is now struggling to take care of her teenage son, played by Asante Blackk. Michael Gandolfini plays the big brother of teenage Kylie Rogers. They all share space in a house, and the two teenagers share space at their high school. However, none of them have a shared experience. The hovering alien colony makes it hard for anyone to find contentment, but they keep trying.

The medium is well-utilized in the adaptation of M.T. Anderson’s irreverent novel.

Director and Screenwriter Corey Finey carefully cares for the storyline, characters, and audience throughout the movie.

Movie-goers aren’t going to want to watch it once. Moviegoers are going to watch it twice.

Here’s comedian Haddish speaking in the verbal and sign language of the film’s comedically-written aliens. 


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