Summit County addresses Republic Services delays

SUMMIT COUNTY, Utah — Prolonged trash and recycling pickup delays have left many in Summit County with full bins and frustration, including county leaders.

According to a statement from Republic Services, the company contracted for waste removal in Summit County, these service delays can be attributed to the holidays as well as Summit County’s harsh weather conditions.

“Service has been interrupted due to unsafe road conditions and greater than normal holiday volume,” said a statement from Republic Services. “Unfortunately, these factors caused delays and confusion as to when carts were supposed to be set out, resulting in carts either not out for service, unable to be serviced, or carts out on incorrect days.”

However, Summit County issued the following statement on January 7, calling the service delays “unacceptable” and stating that weather is not the sole cause for recent delays:

“While we understand that recent storms account for some delays, it is clear that weather is not the sole cause of the issues our residents are experiencing. Summit County’s focus at this time is holding Republic accountable to promptly reestablish regular service routes and schedules. On a going forward basis, we will identify underlying operational issues that may negatively impact service, and Summit County will take appropriate actions to ensure Republic Services provides adequate service. That is our highest priority. The extent of recent disruptions are unacceptable, and Summit County will seek appropriate measures to ensure acceptable levels of trash and recycling services in accordance with our contract.”

There have been no updates from Republic Services since January 6 regarding when the company will be caught up on trash and recycling pickup. Residents have voiced frustration from all over Summit County.

“What about recycle bins in Bear Hollow. It’s been 3 MISSED WEEKS IN A ROW??” one Nextdoor user said.

“Trash in Promontory hasn’t been picked up in 2 weeks!!!!” Another Nextdoor user said.

A spokesperson from Republic Services stated that the company has dispatched drivers from locations as far as St. George to come assist with services in Summit County.

“Republic Services is a committed community partner, and we appreciate our customers’ patience and understanding as we work to catch up from these unique circumstances,” said a statement from Republic Services.

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