PCCVB releases Legislative Policy Agenda in time with Utah legislative session

PARK CITY, Utah — The Park City Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau (PCCVB), along with community stakeholders, trade associations, and Chamber members, released the 2023 Legislative Agenda Policy after official approval from its board of directors. The release coincides with the 45-day Utah legislative session.

“Generally, the purpose of the Agenda is to help give direction to our legislative strategists, as well as our elected representatives and other legislators at the Capitol, to know where our business community stands on certain issues,” said Bob Kollar, Vice President of Community and Government Affairs for PCCVB. “The 45-day session is pretty fluid, and things move pretty quickly. So there’s not much time for back and forth between our legislative strategists, legislators, board of directors, and legislative policy committee. It allows us to take action rather quickly, either to mobilize support or opposition, to write letters to legislators, make calls.”

The Agenda will inform legislators on PCCVB’s stances on business regulation, taxes, wildfire prevention and suppression to immigration, environmental issues, transportation, and the arts.

“Even though this is meant for the state legislators, it’s also effective for local projects,” Kollar said. “We want to ensure our elected officials understand important issues facing our business community.”

PCCVB first created a Legislative Policy Agenda in 2021, referencing the Salt Lake City and other cities’ Chamber agendas, Ski Utah, and Utah Tourism Industry policies. Throughout the year-long process, PCCVB members, Historic Park City, the Park City Area Restaurant Association, Park City Area Lodging Association, and others reviewed the document and made additions.

Elected officials and leaders in the State Capitol were invited to Park City to discuss topics and issues relating to the state, county, and Park City.

“To be able to give our legislators a sheet of paper that lists our priorities, clearly illustrating what we support and what we don’t support, is incredibly powerful – especially as they work through a very fast moving legislative session,” said Jennifer Wesselhoff, PCCVB President and CEO.

Chamber members can sign up for the weekly Utah Legislative Update, compiled and reviewed weekly by the PCCVB. The updates include legislative activity on important bills involving short term rentals, alcohol legislation, Transient Room Tax, and others.

“The beauty about this agenda, in my opinion, is that it shows there’s way more that we agree on as a community, business community, city and county than we disagree on,” said Wesselhoff.

The legislative policy committee with the PCCVB is already at work on the 2024 Legislative Policy Agenda. Kollar and Wesselhoff said the next version relies on changes and occurrences throughout the Utah legislative session and the year.

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