Batch Twenty-One’s eco conscious mission to battle Utah’s dry climate effects on skin

PARK CITY, Utah — Batch Twenty-One is the culmination of Chett Boxley’s zeal for chemistry and love of home-beer-brewing. His Batch Twenty-One skincare products battle Utah’s dry climate with deeply nourishing hops and hemp seed oil.

The soaps, shower gels, and moisturizers use the antioxidants in hops to protect the skin against free radicals (unstable atoms that can damage cells) and repair the skin from sun damage. “I know [hops] is beneficial from a natural preservation perspective. Hops are antibacterial and antifungal,” Boxley says.

Hops a Primary Ingredient in Batch Twenty-One Products – photograph: Courtesy Batch Twenty-One

When Boxley first formulated Batch Twenty-One products, he aimed to find the most effective vehicle for delivering the hops deep into the skin. That is how he discovered the benefits of using hemp seed oil as a carrier oil.

Boxley explains the science behind the effective combination of hemp seed oil and hops. “Hemp seed oil has the same chain length as the oils that your skin produces. Because they are the same chain length, it penetrates deeply into the skin and drags the hop oil with it,” he says.

The ingredient list in Batch Twenty-One products benefits the skin and the planet. All products are sourced with complete dedication to sustainable crops like hemp seed oil and jojoba oil. Plus, the use of glycolipids, which are sugar-based emulsifiers, as opposed to commonly used petroleum-based emulsifiers. In addition, Batch Twenty-One never uses sulphates, parabens, aluminum, or silicone.

Batch Twenty-One’s sustainable business practices go beyond using ecologically friendly crops. For example, the Re-Grained Bar Soap applies upcycling by repurposing spent brewer grains as exfoliates.

Re-grained Bar Soap is Made From Spent Brewer Grains – photo: courtesy Batch Twenty-One

One of the newer items on the roster is Rhajuvenate Ultra-Hydration Rescue Cream, which is a face cream built to battle dry climates. “This is something designed for my family and me,” Boxley says. “We needed something to keep the skin healthy and hydrated, and this definitely does the trick.”

For the holiday season, Batch Twenty-One released the Brewhouse Bundle. It includes shower gel, body moisturizer, two bars of Re-grained soap, Rhajuvenate Ultra-Hydration Rescue Cream, a Batch Twenty-One signature pint glass, and a shower beer holder.

TownLift readers can snag an extra 20% off any purchase on the Batch Twenty-One website through January 1, by using the code PCLIFT.


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