Seasoned hikers encounter bear on Park City trail

PARK CITY, Utah — When Tori Trombley and Emily Hansen went hiking in Park City on Thursday, they expected their day to be much like the other 300 days a year they have taken to the trails. On this day, however, they were chased by a mama black bear. Thankfully, no humans, dogs, or bears were harmed in the scary situation.

Near the Mid Mountain Trail, Trombley and Hansen, along with their four dogs (Olive, Spruce, Annie, and Posey), narrowly escaped unscathed after the bear gave chase an inch behind one of the dogs and feet behind Emily. “We are thankful to the mama who told us to stay out of her house and let us see another day,” Trombley said on social media.

Although not seen, the hikers heard a baby bear in close proximity. Bear encounters are incredibly rare. Currently, the only species in Utah are black bears.

While frightening, Trombley and Hansen have no intention of sensationalizing or creating any frenzy in sharing their experience. They are simply interested in helping educate and inform local hikers as to common sense awareness measures available to all.

According to the Utah Department of Wildlife Resources (DWR):

DWR also advises on its website to have “one or two dogs” when attempting to deter bears. So, this group can rest assured they did everything right.

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