Rebekah’s Kitchen serves up everything-friendly prepared meals

PARK CITY, Utah — Rebekah Abrams came to Park City for “skiing— in all caps.” The competitive ski racer turned entrepreneur owns Rebekah’s Kitchen and ran her own jewelry business, RJ Designs, for about five years (you can find her creations at Mary Jane’s.)

Rebekah’s Kitchen offers personal chef services and prepared meal delivery. Private chef-ing can feel the seasonal effect that many businesses do in waning visitor months, so the meal delivery service is a nice constant for Rebekah’s Kitchen.

Meal deliveries are each Monday between 4 – 6:30 p.m. Meals feed 2-3 adults or families of two adults and two children. Simply log into the website and choose your weekly delivery of homemade meals that come in reusable glass containers that are freezer, oven, microwave, and dishwasher safe. Meals arrive fully cooked and ready to heat (or not) and serve.

“We focus on family-friendly meals,” said Abrams. “Our main menu rotates; it’s different every week. And some things we offer every week like panko chicken. Some of [the menu] is based on the weather, heavier soups or more comfort food in the winter and lighter, fresher salads, vegetable-forward foods in the summer. We accommodate dairy-free and gluten-free diets. We try and accommodate the most common diets. And go peanut free on Mondays.”

Abrams focuses on “local whenever possible” ingredients and has partnerships with Canyon Meadows Ranch, Ranui Gardens, Healing Seeds Farm, MadSnacks Produce, and others.

“Almost every option comes with a vegetarian option, or go organic beef or chicken. Part of our model is that 75 to 100% of our delivery is organic.”

Abrams’ favorite cuisines to cook are Indian and Italian because it’s reminiscent of her time studying food in those countries.

Born and raised outside of Boston, Abrams grew up skiing, competitively through college at St. Lawrence in New York and professionally.

“When I graduated from college, I was going to take —air quotes— the year off. That year has been 27 years,” she said.

Her twin brother, Micah, lured her to Alta under the guise of being closer and spending more time together.

“He totally bailed and took a job in LA. He came back around, don’t worry. I spent two years in Alta and left for a year to go to San Francisco to be a personal chef and decided it was time to settle down, and I wanted a town. I ended up in Park City, and the rest is history.”

Abrams started her business during COVID as a Goldman Sachs 10,00 Small Businesses program member.

“I had created this kitchen concept in that program,” she said. “When this pandemic hit, I took advantage. I started building my kitchen because it was time for me to be in a solo kitchen. We opened on November 15, 2020.”

From age 15, Abrams “went to the school of restaurant life.” She’s been everything from host to dishwasher to lead cook and working her way through high school and college.

Now, she’s still kind of a dishwasher, but in her own kitchen, creating her own recipes for family-friendly, convenient, and healthy meals.

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