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PARK CITY, Utah — In the heart of Canyons Village lies the luxurious RockResorts Spa at The Grand Summit Hotel. The spa has been up and running for nearly twenty years. In 2017, RockResorts Spa went through a significant remodel, leading to the adoption of a spa boutique, secluded hallways, and treatment rooms, as well as new treatment options. 

Spa director Katie Cameron has worked at RockResorts Spa for nearly eight years. 

“I want our guests to have an experience here that is unlike anything that they have ever had,” Cameron said. 

Joie Astudillo is the manager at RockResorts Spa. She loves the spa atmosphere, saying, “For the most part, when guests leave after a massage, facial, or body treatment, they feel so relaxed and good that it makes us feel good to offer all the services we do.”

The Relaxation Room at the RockResorts Spa
The 2017 remodel left the RockResorts Spa with major upgrades for patrons to enjoy. Photo: RockResorts Spa at The Grand Summit.

The most popular massage, the custom, is excellent for clients who want a massage but are unsure of what they are aiming to get out of their treatment. 

One guest had come into RockResorts Spa with incredible shoulder pain where they had no range of motion in their right shoulder. After a treatment with massage therapist Janis Burns, the client was amazed that the pain was gone and that they could now raise their arm over their head. 

“This is what makes my day and drives me as a massage therapist,” explained Burns. 

Burns is going into her seventh year of work at RockResorts Spa. She specializes in sports recovery and therapeutic modalities.

“As a former mountain bike racer and currently a soigneur in professional cycling, I know the necessity for massage in physical therapy aspect and general muscle recovery for sports performance,” said Burns.

RockResorts Spa also offers facials as well as body treatments. 

The therapeutic hydration ritual is a popular body treatment at RockResorts Spa. The Moroccan oil body buff scrubs away dead skin cells, leaving the body feeling smooth, and the Moroccan oil scalp treatment adds a delightful aromatic factor. The hydration ritual is perfect for staying in Park City’s dry climate. 

The RockResorts Spa at The Grand Summit
The RockResorts Spa Boutique was added during the renovation. Photo: The RockResorts Spa at The Grand Summit.

Julie Bentley has worked as an esthetician providing facials and body treatments at RockResorts Spa for nearly five years. She specializes in calming and relaxing facials.  

Bentley’s work as an esthetician has received praise from various clients. Bentley explains that one guest joked that she was upset when she had fallen asleep during her treatment because she had missed it all. Another guest wished she could bring Bentley home with her. 

“I enjoy making people feel as beautiful on the outside as they feel on the inside,” explained Bentley. 

Another popular treatment, hot stone therapy, is a massage where the therapist will use heated stones to soften muscles. They will then return and knead out any remaining knots throughout the body. 

One massage therapist, Jamin Madsen, is passionate about helping professional athletes, including Olympians. He is very active himself and enjoys being able to help athletes recover from their injuries. 

Madsen has worked at the RockResorts Spa for nearly 18 years but has been in the massage business for over twenty-five years. He specializes in deep tissue massages with an emphasis on sports recovery massage. 

“I focus on key problem areas with an emphasis on structural integration,” stated Madsen. 

Park City native, Danielle O’Donnell, specializes in myofascial release and structural integration work. She was trained in Maui, Hawaii, where she learned how to do lomilomi massages. She enjoys working with clients who want to feel a change in their bodies, including athletes recovering from injuries. 

After pursuing a career as a massage therapist, O’Donnell quickly learned that massage work is a great way to help others recenter their minds and bodies. 

“It’s a great way to give back,” said O’Donnell. 

Both Madsen and O’Donnell traveled to Thailand to train in massages. There, they picked up techniques that they use in their massages today. 

“Our massages are Thai influenced,” explained Madsen. 

The RockResorts Spa has massage therapists and estheticians that may, quite literally, change your life. Hitting up the pool post spa makes an excellent final stop in the self-indulging experience.  

The Grand Summit Hotel
The Grand Summit Hotel. Photo: The Grand Summit Hotel and RockResorts Spa at The Grand Summit.

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