Para alpine, XC, and snowboard shift from IPC to FIS

SWITZERLAND — The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) transferred the governance of the sports of Para alpine skiing, Para cross-country skiing, and Para snowboard to the International Ski and Snowboard Federation (FIS) as of Monday following the approval from the FIS membership and the IPC Governing Board.

At the 53rd International Ski Congress on May 26 in Milan, Italy, 94% of FIS members voted in favor of the transition. Following that approval, a contract was signed between the two parties to formally transfer the governance.

FIS and the IPC will spend the summer ensuring a smooth transition and handover of the three sports to FIS.  

Erik Lierfallom has been the High Performance Para Alpine head coach for six years at Park City’s National Ability Center.

“It’ll probably end up being very similar but be more convenient because our scheduling is right now a two-tiered system. Where we schedule with the IPC and the FIS, but now it’s just going to be Boom! Directly from the horse’s mouth. This is a good thing and not a surprise since discussions have been ongoing officially and unofficially for as long as I’ve been involved in para racing.” Lierfallom said, “I do like the fact that being wrapped in a large organization like the national governing body for all these sports will give us an increased level of exposure which could potentially be really good for us.”

The two organizations entered discussions in March about the transfer of governance after FIS was granted preferred status by the IPC Governing Board granted in relation to the three sports.

FIS President, Johan Eliasch, said in a statement, “Para Snowsports is a testament to all the values that our sport transmits and an integral part of our strategy. FIS represents a modern, diverse and inclusive organization. Therefore, it is a great pleasure that we have been in an excellent exchange with the International Paralympic Committee and are finally able to include the Para disciplines and their athletes in the FIS family. This will strengthen the development of the sport and send a powerful message.”

IPC President, Andrew Parsons, said in a statement: “To have an overwhelming majority of FIS members vote in favor of this transfer of governance underlines the extremely strong appetite FIS has to develop and grow the three Para snow sports. On behalf of the IPC, I would like to pay tribute to every single person who has contributed to the development of Para Alpine Skiing, Para Cross-Country, and Para Snowboard while the three sports have been under the stewardship of the IPC. Undoubtedly, the three sports will leave the IPC much stronger than when they joined and are now ready for their next stage of growth under the guidance of FIS.  I’d also like to thank FIS President Johan Eliasch and his team for their desire and passion to make this move.”

Para Biathlon will be managed jointly by FIS and the International Biathlon Union (IBU) through a joint Steering Committee. The Steering Committee will be made up of the President and Secretary General of the IBU and FIS.

The U.S. Ski and Snowboard Team, which is based in Park City, currently does not manage Para Snowsports, whereas, in the distant past, they operated under its administrative umbrella.

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