National Ability Center announces spring, summer, and fall activites

PARK CITY, Utah — The National Ability Center (NAC) recently released the schedule for their upcoming spring, summer, and fall activities.

The events include adaptive horseback riding, archery, challenge course, mountain/fat tire biking, pickleball, paddle sports, and rafting.

Programs start April 26, beginning with adaptive horseback riding, which requires a physician’s release statement.

The final activity (pickleball) will take place on Nov. 15.

A full list of activities can be found below and more information can be found on the NAC website.

Adaptive Horseback Riding | Park City

Physician’s Statement Required

Single Day Sessions

April 26th-30th, June 7th -16th, July12th-16th, Sept. 6th -10th, Oct. 18th -22nd

Archery | Park City

Apr. 28th, Jun. 5th, 9th, 17th, Jul. 17th, 21st

Team Flyers Archery June 10th and July 22nd

Sept. 8th, Oct. 20th

NAC Archery Competition Aug. 19th

Challenge Course | Park City Challenge Course

Full Moon Open Climb Jun. 11th, Jul. 16th, and Aug. 13th

Open Climb Jun 18th and July. 29th

Mountain/Fat Tire Biking | Park City

Jun. 7th, 9th, Jul. 19th, 21st, Sep. 6th, 8th, Oct. 18th, 20th

Paddle Sports | Park City

Jun. 8th, 10th, Jul 20th, 22nd

Pickle Ball | Park City

Jun. 6th, 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th, Jul. 5th, 18th, 19th, 26th, Aug.

9th, 16th, Sept. 5th, 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th, Oct. 4th, 17th, 18th,

25th Nov. 1st, 8th, 15th


Rafting | Moab

Fisher Towers Daily Sessions Begin May 14th – September 24th

Fisher Towers Overnight Sessions – 2 Days & 1 Night

Sessions Begin May 14th thru Sept. 25

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