Stio’s Flirting with Time series celebrates work life balance in mountain towns

JACKSON, Wyo. — Stio introduces its Flirting with Time video series celebrating mountain living and working.

Most locals don’t end up in a mountain town because of job opportunities or career paths. They’re here because of the lifestyle. They find a job or, let’s be honest, jobs to support the cost of living in such close proximity to the great outdoors.

Jobs sustain the mountain life, but once that “Open” sign turns to “Closed,” the time is ours. Flirting With Time celebrates the early alarms we set and headlamp batteries we burn out to keep up with the mountain pursuits we love, even with a 9-5 routine. In the end, it’s not about maxing out your schedule but getting the most out of every minute.

Filmed by Jill Garreffi, the series begins with ‘Alpine Glass’ following alpine skaters, “The schedule is tight, the air is cold, but the sunrise is inviting. Work will be better if there’s time to skate across the open lake on the way to punching in.”

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