Local Business Spotlight: WebbWell

PARK CITY, Utah – Melanie Webb, founder of WebbWell, has over 20 years of experience leading people to healthier lives through fitness. In 2019, she published “Adventures in Mother Nature’s Gym: The Ultimate Guide to Planning and Leading Your Own Outdoor Fitness Retreats.”

After publishing her book, Webb experienced a series of injuries that pushed her to recalculate and examine her life. “The injury and recovery process sidelined me from working ‘in’ my career and brought me full circle back to my roots and love of human anatomy and physiology,” she explains, “I realized that I needed to get busy creating an online revenue stream with great fitness content and began strategizing what platform would be best.”

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When approached by technology expert Mark Russel about being an early adapter of his new platform CatalystXL, Webb instantly recognized the opportunity. She signed on and worked with Russel to create her app WebbWell.

The WebbWell app hit the Apple store on December 14, 2021, and the Google Play version of the app will launch any day. Webb is offering a gift for early subscribers, “I want the app to be free to everyone through the holidays and into January,” she says, “With the newest virus surging and impacting everyone again, I intend to keep the content free for at least a few more weeks.”

Webb intends to give users tools to connect movement with nature through her app. “The mission of the WebbWell app is to explore the expansive possibilities of pairing technology with the sensuality of body, mind, and nature–what I like to call Mother Nature’s Gym,” she describes, “Users can visit the Movement Studio for exercise tutorials and can mix and match various workouts with different warm-ups and cool-downs for maximum variety. After the workout and on rest days, they can use the Relaxation Room for guided meditation, soundscapes, and breathing meditations to chill out and relax from stress.”

To complement the app, Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced 21-day Calendars are available for free on Webb’s website.

Webb is enthusiastic about sharing her product with the community and looking to grow.

“WebbWell is now accepting applications from Park City Mindbody professionals to join the community,” she says.


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