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Summit County Sheriff issues fentanyl warning for students and parents

PARK CITY, Utah — In conjunction with the Park City Police Department, Summit County Sheriff’s Office, and the Summit County Attorney’s Office, the Park City School District issued a fentanyl warning to students and parents last week.

“Nationwide cities and towns are seeing an increase in unintentional overdoses due to “laced” or counterfeit drugs containing Fentanyl,” the press release from the sheriff’s office said.

“Fentanyl is not easily identifiable and is commonly mistaken for other controlled substances or prescriptions. Moreover, Fentanyl overdose deaths are most common among young adults and youth. Unfortunately, our community is not immune.”

The drug is a powerful synthetic opioid that is roughly 100 times more powerful than other opioids. It is often added to illicit drugs, such as fake pills. It can also appear in liquid and powder forms.

The release says that law enforcement is seeing the substance in marijuana, vaping substances, and counterfeit “candy.”

“Summit County law enforcement has seen fentanyl overdoses and seized drugs containing fentanyl in our community at large and in our schools.”

“In our area, fentanyl is most commonly seen in blue, greenish, or pale colored counterfeit pills. These pills may have markings like “M30” and sometimes as ‘K9,’ ‘215,’ and ‘v48.’ Fentanyl may also be in a powder form, most commonly white in

“Oxycodone and OxyContin pills that are sold on the street or online likely contain fentanyl.

“The amount of fentanyl found in a specific pill can vary. Ingesting a counterfeit pill or substance might get the user high, but it might also end their life. Unfortunately, there is no way of knowing until it’s too late.”

If you suspect any use of fentanyl, contact local law enforcement.

Summit County Sheriff’s Office (435) 615-3601

Park City Police Department (435) 615-5500

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