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Citizens of Hideout vote YES for annexation, court says otherwise

SUMMIT COUNTY, Utah. — Citizens of Hideout voted overwhelmingly in favor of the Town Council’s plan for the annexation of Richardson Flat in Summit County on Tuesday night. The unofficial tally was listed as 178 votes for, 87 against, with 74% turnout.

The voting results signal an interest in Hideout residents for more commercial activity close to home. Nate Brockbank is looking to build 600 homes, 95,000 square feet of commercial business space, and a new town hall in the 350-acre space just east of Park City.

The Town Council was stagnant on the decision last year until the idea of a referendum was floated by Brockbank. The annexation has the support of Hideout Mayor Phil Rubin.

However, a 4th District Court judge ruled on the side of Summit County on Tuesday that the town’s annexation was not executed lawfully (just hours before the Hideout vote). Hideout officials are expected to appeal – and a final decision will likely be reached inside a courtroom.

Judge Jennifer Brown labeled the attempted annexation as “invalid” – because it was enacted after a deadline had passed last year. She said for an annexation to be effective it must not only be adopted but enacted. Apparently, the decision was based on state code requirements that all ordinances must be posted in public places or published in a newspaper of general record before they become law.

Prior to March 2020, when a new law was adopted by the Utah Legislature, annexing land in a neighboring county required that county’s approval. Late last year, state lawmakers repealed that same law in a special session, but it remained in effect until October 19. The Hideout Town Council approved the annexation ordinance on Oct. 16 – however Judge Brown stated that the ordinance did not become effective until Oct. 26, therefore leaving it invalid.

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