Park City’s Plenty Consulting guides people to their ‘highest possibility’

PARK CITY, Utah. — What does ‘the highest possibility’ look like? Whether exploring the highest possibility of your business, self, employees, life goals, or professional purpose, it’s a captivating concept that can be elusive in the crush of daily life and entrenched patterns.

Breaking through what’s already ‘written on the walls’ of people’s personal or professional lives to find something deeper and truer is work that inspires and rewards Jennifer Mulholland and Jeff Shuck, principals of Park City-based Plenty Consulting – a proud partner in bringing community news to Park City through TownLift.

“Highest possibility goes beyond vision,” Mulholland said. “Often times our vision is too narrow and we get so focused on getting the job done that we lose sight of what we want. So many of us could benefit from the opportunity to break out of our self-inflicted glass ceilings, and ask: What is the better world we want to see? What is the highest possibility for my work and life?”

Through their executive coaching and purpose-driven strategy work with clients in organizations around the world, Mulholland and Shuck have been helping people ‘pullback before getting to the spreadsheets’ for the past seven years. The two relish their roles in ‘being the nudge’ and helping conscious leaders clarify who they are, who they serve, and how to do it better than anyone else.

“In the language of our lives, often what we need to do is create some space and clear the walls,” Shuck said. “We’re living in a time where businesspeople are starting to realize they have a role in changing things. People are thinking about how to use business to change the world.”

Taking time and space to reorient people and organizations to why they care about what they do, and how that can align them with opportunities in surprising ways, is the core of Plenty’s work. The firm’s individually designed coaching relationships and strategic planning processes have served clients as diverse as Jim Beam, Burcon NutraScience, Fidelity Charitable, Starr Commonwealth, City of Hope Cancer Hospital, the World Wildlife Federation, Wounded Warrior Project, and the Public Broadcasting System.  

In addition, Plenty leads multi-day leadership retreats in Park City for teams and individuals, including locals such as Kristi Buehner of Silver King Coffee, city councilman Tim Henney, Jill Johnson of Paint Mixer, Harriet Lanka of Align Spa, coach and Stanley rep Matt Navarro, pediatrician Dr. Kathy Ostler, Mike Ruzek of Morgan Stanley, and Mary Christa Smith of Connect Summit County. 

Purpose-driven strategy work can look a million different ways. It can look, for example, like Cruzan Rum, a Plenty client whose work with Mulholland and Shuck resulted in the creation of the Island Spirit Fund, which was set up to rebuild the U.S. Virgin Islands post-hurricane and now has nearly $4 million in reserve for future disaster relief.

“The language that we helped them to write is literally on their bottle, living and breathing on their product: ‘Awakening the island spirit to ensure no one has to weather a storm alone,’” Mulholland said.

Plenty’s airy, inspirational retreat facility, called Heartspace, is tucked away above Trout Bum 2 in Park City – close by, under the radar, yet making profound impacts both locally and globally.

Mulholland and Shuck utilize a unique process that scales up, down, and around with ease depending on the needs and goals of those present. Deep listening and distilling into the essence underpin Plenty’s coaching and strategy work. 

Through a blend of analytics and understanding the psychology of human beings, “We create a space that makes the client feel it’s safe to get to the real talk – the real share,” Mulholland said. “Sometimes clients can’t see the forest through the trees as many executives are running so fast. And, often many can’t see the opportunity coming. We create a way to respond that is authentic to the purpose of their business, and to the heart of their people.”

Plenty’s models, assessments, and methodology are the same whether they’re working with teams or individuals, because the goal is the same no matter how many people they’re coaching: help clarify who people are, who they serve, and why it matters in the first place.

“In business consulting, no one starts with, ‘well, what do you care about?’” Shuck said. “Business strategies often fail simply because they lack buy-in. We’re helping people get from ‘that could be any company’ to ‘I see myself in that.’”

Visit plentyconsulting.com for more information.



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