MoCrazy Strong empowers others in March

PARK CITY, Utah. — In March, the MoCrazy Strong ladies, three Park City women focused on empowering people with tools to overcome injuries, are busy with two campaigns: Heal the Healers for the Brain Injury Awareness Month 2021 and the Womxn’s Empowerment Series presented by Lady Alliance

The Utah Brain Injury Alliance is promoting the awareness month as part of its caregiver campaign. For Heal the Healers, MoCrazy Strong will release 10 videos along with worksheets to share information for caregivers of brain injury survivors. The team is also working on the Empowerment Festival, which shares stories of healing, challenges, and living a life with confidence with the Lady Alliance. Both campaigns work to help people not only survive trauma but thrive afterward, Fruit MoCrazy said. Nature therapy will also be a common theme in the two campaigns. 

The MoCrazy Strong team is comprised of Jamie MoCrazy (24), Jeanee MoCrazy (28), and their mother Fruit MoCrazy.

“Our two parts of MoCrazy Strong are to be supportive of the brain injury world and to be supportive of women through outdoor adventures and self-esteem,” said Fruit MoCrazy.


The family’s inspiration comes from personal experience with brain trauma and the tenacity that got them through recovery: in 2015, Jamie MoCrazy endured a traumatic brain injury while skiing in the World Tour Finals in Whistler. 


“When she was taken from the hill to Vancouver hospital, her death certificate was written,” Fruit MoCrazy said. “Not signed and dated, but they did not think she would make it in the helicopter.” 


Jamie MoCrazy was in a coma for 10 days. Jeanee MoCrazy and Fruit MoCrazy were suddenly thrust into new roles without mourning and without training. Luckily, Fruit was equipped with a large body of knowledge around brain development and the holistic practices to help her daughter recover.


Following the accident, the MoCrazy women recognized the lack of support given to caregivers of brain injury survivors. Now they want to share their lessons learned and help others.


Fruit MoCrazy. The MoCrazy Team was founded 5 years ago, but some of the partnerships and grants it works with has been active for over 30 years.
The MoCrazy team was founded five years ago, but some of the partnerships and grants it works with have been active for over 30 years. Pictured: Fruit MoCrazy. Photo courtesy of MoCrazy Strong.

“We want to support the supporters. We want to give them guidelines and ideas and skills and tactics,” said Fruit MoCrazy. “And just to help them feel more confident, look for the fun aspects that they can try to find in the healing, and look at what they can optimistically.”


The MoCrazy Strong lessons intend to keep it real but also allow optimism. Fruit also urges those with any trauma in their life to take advantage of the information they offer. 


MoCrazy Strong’s bottom line is, “You create your own luck. Be your own personal best and create your self-esteem to be the strongest that you can be.” 


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