Milk Delivery Makes a Splash in First Year

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah. — Timing is everything, and for Wasatch Milk, a Salt Lake City-based home delivery service, launching a business as Covid-19 hit in March 2020 was perfect enough to appear as a brilliant marketing strategy. The luck, paired with experience and product, has led to exponential growth in year one.

“We’re coming up to our first year. It just happened to coincidentally be the exact same time everything shut down,” said co-owner Samantha Stolworthy. “We didn’t plan that. We’d been planning that launch since the previous August. When we launched, everything shut down, and the need for what we were doing became even more relevant.”

Within their first week, co-owners Andrew and Samantha Stolworthy had 40 deliveries. By the end of June, they were nearing 400. Now Wasatch Milk delivers to over 1,000 customers, said Samantha, about 275 of which are in the Park City area since the company expanded to deliveries in this area last July.

Park City residents can get Wasatch Milk’s products on their doorsteps as well. Drivers currently deliver to around 275 customers in the area. New customers who sign up can use ‘TownLift’ as a promo code to receive 10 percent off their first two deliveries.

“During the winter, we’ll still make the delivery,” Andrew Stolworthy said. “It might be a day late, worst-case scenario, and I’ll come with my own car.”

Andrew and Samantha Stolworthy met in Spokane, Washington, and got married in Park City. Photo: Wasatch Milk

Currently, Wasatch Dairy employs three drivers. The Stolworthys proudly partner with more than 30 local businesses and carry more than 200 products beyond milk. Those include eggs, cheese, granola, baked goods and local small-batch chips and salsas, among other items. And this is just the beginning.

Wasatch Delivery has big goals ahead. The Stolworthys intend to be entirely full-service, Samantha Stolworthy said, meaning they’ll deliver both prepared meals and groceries. They recently hired an in-house chef to cook and prep single-serving heat-and-eat lunches, and plan to build into complete multi-course meal kits.

“The sky’s the limit for us. We feel like Salt Lake is a pretty untapped market,” she said. “I don’t even think we’re even close to where our potential could be, especially with Andrew’s success in Boise and what he knows about the dairy industry.”

Andrew Stolworthy’s dairy business interest began when was in school at Boise State University in 2002 and needed a job.

“So, I started brainstorming ideas of things I could do and came up with the idea of milk delivery. I contacted a local dairy company in Idaho Falls and asked them if they sell me milk,” he said. “They said, yes, so I pulled some advertising together and asked some potential customers and got a really good response.”

Andrew Stolworthy went on to sell the business with 2,500 customers a week.

Since then, he has had several milk home delivery companies, including in Spokane, Washington, where he and his wife met.

A 15-year friendship from those Boise Dairy days with Rosehill Dairy owners Tim and Dane Wilkinsons ultimately brought the Stolworthys to Utah. The Wilkinsons saw a gap in the market and reached out to the Stolworthys, Samantha Stolworthy said.

It was a natural fit, and the Stolworthys relish connecting customers to local purveyors.

“We always strive for local first. We try to work with the local businesses in any capacity that we can,” Samantha Stolworthy said. “We’re as ingrained in the community as possible.”


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