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Miss USA, formerly representing Park City, resigns for personal well-being

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah — In a shocking turn of events, Noelia Voigt, the reigning Miss USA and former Miss Utah USA, has decided to step down from her position.

Voigt announced her resignation on Instagram on Monday, citing the significance of maintaining one’s mental and physical health.

A recent article from USA Today describes speculation on a potential “hidden message” in Voigt’s resignation announcement: “… comments of her post and elsewhere on social media, users noticed that taking the first letter in each sentence of her statement reveals the phrase ‘I AM SILENCED’ — though this discounts the last three sentences, the first letters of which spell ‘HIP.’ It was not immediately clear whether the message was intentional.” This speculation follows the resignation of Miss USA’s social media director, Claudia Michelle. In the last paragraph of Michelle’s resignation post in the second slide below, she wrote, “I believe Noelia and Uma’s mental health and happiness has taken a toll and I cannot remain silent about that. I will always stand for and support the brand that uplifts and empowers Women. The brand IS the titleholders. Without them, there is no Miss USA and Miss Teen USA. I believe their voices and their stories should be heard and not silenced.”

Voigt, 24, first gained the spotlight after being crowned Miss Utah USA on July 8, 2023, representing Park City, and subsequently winning the Miss USA title on Sept. 29, 2023.

During her tenure, Voigt was a vocal advocate for various social issues, including bullying, dating violence awareness and prevention, and immigration rights and reform. She also honored her Venezuelan American heritage, marking a historic win as the first from this background to claim the Miss USA title.

In her post, Voigt described her decision to resign as “very tough” but expressed that stepping down marks a new beginning for her personal journey.

Reacting swiftly to her announcement, the Miss USA organization expressed their support for Voigt’s decision on Instagram, affirming that her well-being remains a priority. The organization also indicated that plans are underway to transition responsibilities to a new titleholder, with an announcement expected soon.

The Miss USA pageant, which has aimed to be a platform for championing diversity and inclusion since its inception in 1952, reiterated its commitment to these values in light of recent events.

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