Local couple acquires F45 Training Studio in Kimball Junction

The new owners plan to enhance the F45 experience with new challenges and features

PARK CITY, Utah — A fresh chapter has begun for the F45 Training Studio in Kimball Junction as local couple Clayton Rule and Sabrina O’Mara take the helm. The Jeremy Ranch residents, who finalized their acquisition of the studio on Feb. 1, plan to infuse their personal passion for fitness into the popular franchise, previously owned by residents of Salt Lake.

The duo’s journey to fitness entrepreneurship started in Los Angeles, where they initially met as fitness instructors. O’Mara, an attorney, and Rule, the CFO of a trucking company, have always harbored a desire to return to their fitness roots. “We’ve been here for two years. We’re transplants — like a lot of people — and we’ve found a really good community,” O’Mara shared. Emphasizing their connection to Park City, she added, “We think of this as a way for us to engage on a deeper level with Park City.”

F45, known for its high-intensity, 45-minute group workouts, will continue its legacy under the couple’s ownership. “We have a really solid team of 10 amazing instructors. They’re super talented and engaging, so Clay and I may just teach for fun every once in a while,” O’Mara said.

February ushers in the “Committed to Fitness” Pass Punch Promo at the studio, featuring $189 for 10 classes and $350 for 20 classes, with bonuses for completing all classes within the month. The new owners are also hosting a “Saturday Social” on Feb. 10 to meet community members with pop-ups from Hemped Park City and StretchLab. “We’re so excited to bring the good energy and the good people into the studio and foster a synergetic community,” said O’Mara.

F45’s proven philosophy and high success rate in improving fitness capabilities remain its core. The studio manager will continue in her role, ensuring consistency. O’Mara envisions adding more dimensions to the studio experience, including challenges and mobility-focused activities to enrich client engagement.

The studio also boasts an app for tracking nutritional goals and progress and an in-body scanner for measuring body metrics, further enhancing the members’ fitness journey.

Members should anticipate a slight increase in membership fees, as Rule explained, “Prices are going up approximately $10 for memberships, if you aren’t grandfathered into the existing membership.” This change, attributed to inflation and rent renegotiations, aligns the studio’s pricing with competitors. Rule also noted that the previous owners were already in the process of adjusting prices for the new year.

With O’Mara and Rule, F45 Training Studio in Kimball Junction is poised to maintain its dynamic workout environment while deepening its connection with the Park City community.

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