The heat is on: HOTWORX fuses infrared energy and exercise for more efficient workouts

PARK CITY, Utah — In the realm of fitness and wellness, the emergence of HOTWORX, a unique 24-hour access workout facility incorporating infrared energy and exercise, is captivating fitness enthusiasts. Ethan Taylor, co-founder of the forthcoming Hotworx studio in Kimball Junction, shared insights into this innovative fitness concept and founding member perks.

HOTWORX incorporates infrared energy into all its workouts.

Taylor emphasized the fusion of heat, infrared energy, and exercise, amplifying calorie burn, aiding muscle recovery, and detoxification. The unique effect of infrared energy on enhancing mood and combating stress parallels its resonance with the sun’s positive impact on mental well-being.

“We have ten infrared saunas, which is the most a HOTWORX can have,” Taylor said. “We offer over ten different workouts divided into two different groups of workouts: isometric workouts, which are 30 minutes long, and HIIT exercise sessions, which are 15 minutes long. Classes repeat every 15 and 45 minutes, 24/7, so you can come at whatever time is convenient for you.”

Accessible through the HOTWORX app, members manage bookings, track progress, and gain entry to the studio while enjoying flexibility in scheduling.

Isometric sessions include workouts such as yoga, barre, resistance bands, core, and glutes. HIIT workouts include cycling, rowing, and elliptical classes.

Each sauna provides a judgment free workout space fitting up to three people, allowing you to work out with friends, guided by a virtual instructor to help push you to get the best results.

“The reason our sessions are pretty short and quick is that we call it 3D training. A lot of people are kind of doing it like hot yoga, for example. We’re combining heat with infrared energy with exercise. Each of those components is very beneficial by itself, but as you combine them, you get a more effective, efficient workout.”

Taylor highlighted the studio’s ‘FX Zone,’ a dedicated space for traditional strength training, including free weights such as dumbbells, kettlebells, and a cable machine emphasizing cross-training for holistic wellness.

Ethan and his wife Tessa were introduced to Hotworx two years ago, and have been hooked ever since.Two years ago, Taylor’s wife, Tessa, introduced him to HOTWORX. Tessa was drawn to the concept, trying out the workouts and becoming a regular member. The enthusiasm led them to explore HOTWORX’s business side after witnessing Tessa’s dedication and the compelling health benefits.

From Utah County, the couple’s active lifestyle and background in sports blended seamlessly with Hotworx’s diverse workout options, encompassing yoga, Pilates, cycling, and more. The fitness studio’s standardized yet versatile approach across locations appealed to their fitness routine.

In a strategic move, the co-founders chose Park City as the site for their HOTWORX studio. With plans for a spacious setup housing ten saunas, embracing infrared energy for its distinct health benefits, the co-founders aim to cater to the region’s health-conscious community.

Taylor shared plans for the studio’s launch, catering to founding members with exclusive perks and discounted membership options, emphasizing affordability and flexibility for seasonal clients.

Hotworx Park City’s imminent arrival promises a fresh approach to fitness, merging cutting-edge technology with workout regimens, poised to redefine wellness paradigms in the picturesque Utah landscape.

Visit the Kimball Junction HOTWORX website to learn more about HOTWORX and take advantage of the limited-time founding member discount rates by signing up for more information.

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