U.S. Senate candidate Brad Wilson endorsed by 11 Utah mayors

“Brad is the best choice to be our next senator, plain and simple,” said Pleasant Grove Mayor Guy Fugal

UTAH COUNTY, Utah – Former Utah Speaker of the House Brad Wilson’s campaign for Utah’s open Senate seat has garnered official endorsements from eleven mayors across Utah County.

Wilson received endorsements from the following mayors: Denise Anderson of Cedar Hills, Robert Haddock of Elk Ridge, Mark Johnson of Lehi, Dallas Hakes of Mapleton, Bill Wright of Payson, Guy Fugal of Pleasant Grove, Dan Olden of Santaquin, Jim Miller of Saratoga Springs, Mike Mendenhall of Spanish Fork, Matt Packard of Springville, and Julie Fullmer of Vineyard.

“Brad is the best choice to be our next senator, plain and simple,” said Pleasant Grove Mayor Guy Fugal.

In preparation for the Republican primary in June 2024, Wilson, who labels himself as a “conservative fighter'”and a “proven conservative,” is intensifying his campaign efforts.

Other candidates within the Republican party include Roosevelt mayor Rod Bird, Riverton mayor Trent Staggs, former advisor to Sen. Mike Lee Carolyn Phippen, and accountant Josh Randall, among others.

“I’m endorsing Brad Wilson because we need someone who not only understands how to balance the budget of a business, but also understands how to balance the out-of-control budget of the Federal government. In my years knowing Brad, his honest and straightforward approach has earned my trust and confidence, which is why I want to see him in the U.S. Senate,” said mayor Matt Packard.

Wilson is basing his campaign on the promises of lowering taxes for the middle class, defending parental rights in schools, fighting the “Left’s attempts to indoctrinate our kids,” securing the southern border, creating safe and affordable energy and protecting the Second Amendment in the U.S. Constitution.

Wilson has also received the endorsement of some of his former colleagues in the Utah Legislature, including Senate President Stuart Adams.

“I know him to be a really smart guy, and I think it’s really nice to see him making a move to the Senate,” Adams said. “If you look at how well managed Utah is legislative-wise, policy-wise, and tax-wise, we need that and that is the reason I am supporting him … we need that type of Utah legislative experience in the federal government.

“He can do a great job if he takes some of the issues and the way we’ve handled things in Utah to the federal government. It’ll be refreshing. I’m hopeful that he’s successful, not only in winning his election, but I’m hopefully successful in bringing some of the Utah policies and the way we manage our state to the federal level.”

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