Utah U.S. representatives vote Yes for continuing funding

WASHINGTON – During a hectic weekend on Capitol Hill, Congress narrowly approved a Continuing Resolution, preventing a government shutdown and ensuring the federal government’s funding. President Biden signed the Continuing Resolution just hours before the deadline on Saturday night.

The passage of the CR kicks Congress’ spending squabbles 45 days down the road, to Nov. 17.

Propelled by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-California), the CR legislation guarantees the continuous functioning of federal agencies and programs, ensures regular compensation for all federal government workers, and incorporates $16 billion in disaster relief.

Utah’s delegation agreed on the CR bill with the exception of Sen. Mike Lee.

All three of Utah’s Republican members of the House, Reps. Blake Moore, John Curtis, and Burgess Owens, all voted to pass the CR bill in the House. The CR passed in the House 335-91, with 126 Republicans and 206 Democrats voting in favor.

“I was proud to join the Utah House delegation and vote for today’s continuing resolution that will ensure the servicemen and women at Hill Air Force Base and the over 40,000 federal workers, uniformed personnel, and military dependents in my district continue to receive a paycheck for their work and service,” Rep. Blake Moore said.

Sen. Mitt Romney voted to pass the CR. Lee was one of nine Republican senators to vote No on the CR.

The CR passed the Senate 88-9, receiving tremendous bipartisan support.

“Today’s passage of the Continuing Resolution is a positive step to avoiding a government shutdown,” Rep. John Curtis said. “While I’m pleased with this outcome, it’s disheartening that some of my colleagues, who call themselves conservatives, didn’t support an earlier resolution that prioritized resources towards addressing critical border security issues.”

The preceding proposal, known as the Continuing Resolutions and Border Security Enhancement Act, aimed to finance the government until Oct. 31. It encompassed significant budget cuts for multiple government agencies, alongside heightened security measures along the southern border.

The House saw the measure defeated with a vote of 198-232, as 21 Republicans sided with all Democratic representatives against it. With Republicans maintaining a narrow nine-vote lead in the House, it becomes challenging to pass legislation when there is any erosion of support within the party.

“The only way to lower federal spending is to pass appropriations bills that actually lower federal spending. House Republicans have finalized over 70% of the funding within these 12 appropriations bills that include cuts to wasteful spending from the federal budget. We will now use the coming days to complete and pass the remaining appropriations bills,” Rep. Blake Moore said

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