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Social Media Influencer sends 2,000 golf balls off the Utah Olympic Park jump

Social Media Influencer released 2,000 golf balls off the Utah Olympic Park jump to see how many would go into a cup placed on the grass

PARK CITY, Utah — On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday last week, Scott Gaunson from the YouTube channel How Ridiculous was in Park City, all the way from Australia, to create content for his 20 million subscribers, at the Utah Olympic Park.

Fan favorite Rexy came along on the trip too, they don’t leave home without him. Rexy, the one-foot-tall Tyrannosaurus Rex children’s toy which has duct taped limbs and scratches and dents from head to talons, makes a cameo appearance in every one of their videos and has inspired a line of clothing entitled, what else, Rexy. After all, rock-star Rexy has been to space.

Gaunson told TownLift, “We produce family friendly, sporty, stunty kind of content for our nice, big, strong subscriber base, and I hope they enjoy this new fun footage.”


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Devin Supertramp, a YouTube star in his own right, photographing Rexy. Photo: Michele Roepke // TownLift

The first two days here, which included rolling one oversized inflated sphere down the jump trying to hit the big bowling pins below, were dress rehearsals for day three’s big action video shoot which started at the tippy top of the long, green, nordic ski jump.

The first ball drop-from-the-top of the day was of 200 basketballs. When the three different colored balls rolled to the grassy, flat bottom, three different crew members were tasked with catching their color, and making a basket which had been set up there. Most in wins.

Second stunt, 200 soccer balls rolled down thus launching off the middle of the jump and headed straight for a soccer goal set up at the bottom, just to see how many rolled past the crew/keeper into goal.

Last but certainly not least, they released 2,000 golf balls off the jump to see how many would go into a cup placed on the grass. Why? Why not?

Basketball controlled chaos .
Basketball controlled chaos. Photo: TownLift

This is in addition to moments whereby with explicit permission, planning, preparation, practice, and payment ,other non-Olympic activities have lent themselves to one-off experiences in town including kayaks down the winter bobsled track, bicycles up the summer bobsled track, slip-n-slide off the summer freestyle jumps into the pool, and a motorcycle off the summer nordic ski jump, most pre-YouTube era.

This was the first time the How Ridiculous guys have utilized an Olympic venue for their brand of performance art.

The content created in Park City will be on the YouTube channel in approximately a month.


View below two shorts showing the time they tossed balls off a dam in Switzerland.

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