Park City Leadership Class 29 creates communication training program

PARK CITY, Utah – Park City Leadership’s 29th class created a communication training program for Summit County government officials, nonprofits, and business leaders called “Let’s Talk.”

The program is intended to create a framework for people to engage in meaningful conversations that foster awareness, build common ground, and improve listening skills.

The 29th Park City Leadership class believes that communication is the foundation of strong and healthy communities, and through the training, leaders learn and reinforce communication skills to help them facilitate better, more productive community conversations.

The program will provide practical skills training to empower people to moderate more successful discussions with stakeholders (clients, citizens, partners, etc.).

One of the objectives of Let’s Talk is to empower community members to disagree on divisive topics, but coexist by ‘humanizing’ dialogue, identifying commonalities and shared values, and communicating effectively.

Leadership Class 29 believes that the result will be, at a minimum, a higher-quality dialogue. The class also believes that more high-quality dialogue in our community has the potential to improve the quality of life in Summit County and result in a more engaged citizenry.

Community members will benefit from learning key skills and best practices required to inform a more productive communication style. Training modules will address topics and impart skills relating to awareness, finding common ground, listening, and communicating to connect.

The Class has partnered with Mountain Mediation and the Park City Community Foundation to introduce the first Let’s Talk’s training courses, scheduled for July 25 and August 10. More information can be found at

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