Funnel Cloud spotted near Rockport Reservoir

Yesterday afternoon several cold air funnel clouds were reported across northern Utah including this one seen by Angee Wentz above Rockport Reservoir. These are known as cold air funnel clouds. They are weak and rarely, if ever, reach the ground thus are unlikely to cause any damage.

The National Weather Service says that Cold air funnels form beneath showers or weak thunderstorms when the air aloft is especially cold. The funnels are most common in the fall and spring when the sun is able to heat up the lower levels of the atmosphere, causing convection to bubble up and form showers, but temperatures around 15,000 to 20,000 feet above the ground are quite cold. Cold air funnels are usually harmless, but on rare occasions they can touch down and cause EF-0 level (winds up to 85 mph) tornado damage.”

  • They Occur in vertically developed Clouds
  • Usually do not have any thunder with them
  • Most common in late spring / early summer
  • Rarely touch the ground
  • Almost always occur in the early afternoon or early evening hours
  • Tornado warnings are NOT issued for these funnels.

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