Friend of man injured in climbing accident creates GoFundMe to cover medical expenses

PARK CITY, Utah — The friend of a man injured in a climbing accident last week has created a GoFundMe in the hope of raise enough money to cover his medical expenses.

On Friday, May 12, 30-year-old Scotty Hogg and his girlfriend 34-year-old Kaitlyn Brann were climbing Goodro’s Wall in Big Cottonwood Canyon when a large rock on the route gave way, causing both the climbers to fall. Brann was killed in the accident, and Hogg was transported to the hospital by helicopter with serious injuries.

The fundraiser was organized by Cory Lamkins, a friend of Hogg’s. Lamkins and Hogg met in 2017 while they were stationed in Iraq serving in the Army. Lamkins described Hogg as an avid outdoor enthusiast and a very dependable friend.

“He loves being outdoors and in nature,” Lamkins said. “If you call and you need something, he will help whether it’s in person or whether he spends all his days calling anybody he knows that can help you out closer to you. He’s always a guy that if you need him, he’s there.”

Scotty Hogg and Kaitlyn Brann. Photo: Scotty Hogg
Scotty Hogg and Kaitlyn Brann. Photo: Scotty Hogg

Although Lamkins had not met Brann in person, he said that he had spoken to her on the phone several times during calls with Hogg.

“I did not get to meet her in person, sadly, but I will say anybody that had the energy to love Scott must have been a pretty incredible person, because he’s all go all the time,” Lamkins said.

Hogg is still in the hospital where he is working with physical therapists to regain mobility after the accident.

“He’s got a long road ahead of him to fully recover,” Lamkins said. “Just like anybody who lost someone days ago, you know, he’s mentally going through your grinder, but all the love and support it’s really been helping him stay out of dark times.”

At the time of this article $9,030 had been donated out of the GoFundMe’s $20,000 goal. According to Lamkins, all donated funds that surpass the $20,000 goal will be donated to Brann’s family to help cover funeral expenses.

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