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PCFD shares tips for maintaining natural gas meters during snowy weather

PARK CITY, Utah — After responding to a gas leak last week, the Park City Fire Department has shared several tips for keeping up with your natural gas meter during the cold months.

PCFD Engine 31 responded to a gas leak on March 24 where the resident’s meter was buried under snow. Firefighters were successfully able to help remove the snow and ice from the meter.

Although outdoor natural gas meters are designed to withstand harsh winter conditions, excessive ice and snow on your meter can be dangerous.

PCFD has shared the following tips from Dominion Energy to reduce the risk of potential hazards, including natural gas leaks:

  • Make sure your meter is free of clutter and other obstructions, especially snow and ice.
  • When clearing walks or drives, do not pile snow on or near the meter.
  • Keep water from dripping from your roof and freezing on the meter.
  • Carefully remove icicles and snow build-up from roof eaves above the meter and on the meter itself.
  • Never kick or strike the meter to loosen built-up ice or snow.
  • Ensure snow and ice aren’t blocking exhaust vents or combustion air ducts as this could leave occupants exposed to deadly carbon monoxide. Your natural gas appliances, including your furnace, fireplace, water heater and clothes dryer, require good ventilation to operate properly.

If your meter is in one of Utah’s high-snowfall areas or you regularly have snow burying your meter, please contact Dominion Energy at customercare@dominionenergy.com, or call 800-323-5517.

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