Local author publishes second book,

PARK CITY, Utah β€” Life coach, author, and motivational speaker Terry Sidford released her second book on life-changing topics, “” Through personal anecdotes and life experiences, Sidford explores the nuances of navigating life decisions with integrity while seeking fulfillment. Readers are guided through challenging situations with hope and optimism while understanding the complexity of life.

As a child in the 1970s, Sidford’s life was turned upside down when her mother began drinking heavily, eventually resulting in her father leaving. Sidford, her brother, and her sister dealt with the repercussions alone, leading to a life of turmoil.

In an attempt to place distance between themselves and their mother’s issues, Sidford, and her sister ran away one night to live with their ‘hippie’ father. Though growing up in a divorced family can be difficult, Sidford found the courage to learn from her experiences and was later motivated to pursue a career that empowered others.

“Leaving my mother’s home was my first act of courage,” Sidford said. “I always stayed in touch with my mother; I always loved her. Then, in my twenties, after I thought I had done all the work on this, I realized I still needed to work on something. I had never gone to counseling, but I went to Al-Anon, which helped me tremendously. After that, I found a counselor, and I didn’t realize that would be the most transformative moment of my story β€”the counselor asked if I had ever thought about how my mom felt about all this. She lost her children.”

Since that emotional discovery, she began calling her mother, and the two became very close. Although her mother now has dementia, Sidford finds solace in the fact that her mother still recognizes her.

Sidford believes that if people apply the three concepts- truth, courage, and love, shared in her life story and add forgiveness, they can return to a place of happiness and fulfillment.

“This book is for me, to feel like I have a record for myself that I have told the whole truth about my life, something I am very proud of,” Sidford says. “And to inspire other people through my story. To not let whatever has happened in their life, whether it is self-inflicted or someone else, define them for the rest of their lives. So you still can achieve your potential and live the life of your dreams.”

Join Sidford at her book signing at Safonova, 1675 Redstone Center Dr. #130, February 23, from 12-5 p.m. throughout which wine and chocolate will be served.

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