VLT: why goggles and lenses matter on the slopes

SALT LAKE CITY — Small accessories can have the biggest impact on a pow day. Gloves, mittens, balaclava, the presence or absence of these items can make or break the day. Goggles are another small item with a major influence on the mountain and way more technical than meets the eye.

Different colored goggle lenses aren’t just there to match your outfit or add style points. Just like wearing specific gear on specific weather days, goggles have specific lenses for sunny, cloudy, and variable vision days. The SCOTT React Goggle uses magnet technology to secure the lens for any weather or light. SCOTT lenses come in three simple categories:

VLT is an acronym associated with lenses that stands for visible light transmission. Presented as a percentage number, it’s the amount of light reaching the eyes after passing through a goggle lens. SCOTT’s Amplifier Lens Technology optimizes the transmission of light waves that are most important to the human eye, so you can see more in every condition.

On sunny days, riders want less light coming through lenses to mitigate glare, which means a lower VLT, usually under 25%. On cloudy and overcast days, a lens with higher VLT (typically 50% and above) offers the skier more visibility to see contours and shadows, helping pick out that next line. For those in-between days, when the sun can’t decide whether it’s in or out, lenses with a VLT between 25-50% is the sweet spot.

Don’t worry; these percentages don’t need to be memorized. A rule of thumb on goggle lenses is the brighter the day, the darker the lens needed.

SCOTT Sports’ React Goggle features a magnetic lens system, making changing your lens as swift as the change of weather— even with gloves. Magnets simply place the lens where it should be on the goggle and snaps into place.

Patented Amplifier technology enhances contrast and clarity. React’s modern, glasses-compatible design offers an ultra-wide range of vision and perfect face fit. NoSweat face foam adjusts to individual fit, and its microfiber keeps your face dry no matter the conditions.

The React Goggle comes with a Category S1 spare lens for those flat light, overcast days. Other features include, Anti-Fog lens treatment, microfiber goggle bag, and goggle cover to keep the lens safe and scratch-free.

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