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Goldener Hirsch Hotel stars in Lindsay Lohan’s Netflix holiday movie

PARK CITY, Utah — Every holiday season sugary-sweet, mostly cringe-worthy movies come out by the sleigh full. This year, “Falling for Christmas,” starring actress Lindsay Lohan was filmed in our own backyard at the Auberge-managed Goldener Hirsch Hotel.

Lohan plays a hotel heiress who doesn’t ski but finds herself on a mountaintop ski-themed photo shoot, falls, and gets amnesia. Cue the boy next door who owns a struggling family-owned resort, saving the day. Not really a spoiler alert spoiler, but lo and behold, the uppity heiress becomes down to earth and falls in love with the “local yokel,” and the resort is saved.

Photo: Auberge Resorts Collection.

Sprinkled throughout the film are views of the hotel’s additions and rooftop pool, evoking a swanky luxe resort vibe. In contrast, the original structure and cozy interior serve as the family-owned resort environment.

“The storyline envisions two hotels. Initially, it was believed they planned to use two different locations for the two different hotels, but they discovered that Goldener Hirsch could meet most of their needs and filmed much of the movie at the property,” said Auberge Resorts Collection. “They used interiors of both Goldener Hirsch’s new building and the historic building.”

Photo: Auberge Resorts Collection.

According to Auberge Resorts Collection, filming took six weeks in November and December of 2021, while Park City was in its off-season before the holiday rush.

“The production company did rent out specific parts of the hotel, but filming certainly changed operations because guests had limited access to many of the public areas. However, production was pretty organized in their filming, so they would shoot in one area and vacate that to move to another area. Due to some delays, they needed the leave up the set decorations over Thanksgiving when the restaurant was busy, but all the guests seemed to get enjoy feeling like they were a part of the movie (although filming was not going on during the holiday weekend).”

Goldener Hirsch staff and guests were intrigued by the filming process and reported positive experiences all around while sharing the building with production.

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