An apex axe for the barbecue barbarians: New West KnifeWorks’ Cleaverhawk

PARK CITY, Utah — A new innovation from New West KnifeWorks will have the mountain man or woman squealing with joy like a kid on Christmas morning. The Cleaverhawk is the power coupling of a tomahawk and a cleaver— perfect for “Barbecue Barbarians.”

The West is full of hunters, outdoorsmen (and women), and ranchers who often butcher their own meats. Equipped with a knife and a Cleaverhawk, one easily turns an elk or pig into a freezer full of meat. This apex axe not only preps feasts worthy of Valhalla, it also serves as a throwing axe when guarding the festivities against marauding orcs, uninvited dragons, or Thanos himself.

Photo: New West KnifeWorks // Jill Goodson.

The Cleaverhawk’s heavy blade works as a butcher’s cleaver. Its long handle adds leverage for chopping, while the flat butt provides a great surface to use a mallet to pound through tough tendon and bone with precision. After a butchering project, the tomahawk-eye construction allows for easy removal of the handle for cleaning.

Photo: New West KnifeWorks // Jill Goodson.

The Cleaverhawk helps make dinner, but works double-time to provide the entertainment after. Its cast S7 steel blade is bombproof, not only for chopping through bone but also THROWING at a wood target. The thump of jackhammer steel cracking a tree stump will make you feel like the God of Thunder quicker than lightning strikes. The overall length is under two feet at 18.75″ and the blade’s length is 7″, the perfect utility size and heft for those projects needing a bit of elbow grease.

Wield the Cleaverhawk to get a feel for its fun and power in person at 625 Main Street in Park City.

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