Chamber reveals takeaways from ’22 Tourism Fall Forum including employee housing, parking, industry updates

PARK CITY, Utah — On November 1, the Park City Chamber of Commerce | Convention & Visitors Bureau (PCCVB) rounded up Ski Utah, Park City resorts executives, Woodward Park City, Utah Olympic Legacy Foundation, Ted Ligety, and Tom Kelly to involve discussions on the upcoming 2022-23 winter season. Topics locals are more than familiar with, like affordable housing, community, inclusion, transportation, and the Winter Olympics bid, were the mainstays of the Tourism Fall Forum.

Deer Valley and Park City Mountain Resort continue to find creative solutions to the affordable housing challenge that seasonal workers face. Deer Valley continues to source workforce housing and provides daily transportation from Wasatch and Salt Lake Counties for employees.

Park City Mountain introduced a multi-phased project to release new housing units for more than 140 PCMR employees. PCMR recently committed $250,000 to Holiday Village & Parkside Apartments (HOPA), which will sustain and increase workforce housing openings.

Another big topic in town is PCMR’s new parking reservation system with the aim to release the frantic wave of early-morning traffic of skiers hoping for a parking space.

“[PCMR is] trying to make it so that we’re driving people to public transit; we’re driving people to carpool,” said Scott House, vice president of partner services with PCCVB. “Once you have a reservation, you don’t have to rush there; you’re guaranteed that spot, and I think that’s going to make a huge difference.”

The Utah Olympic Park (UOP) and the Legacy Foundation discussed the improvements that have been underway at the UOP these last few months. New terrain and attractions will be available this winter to help develop local athletes by providing the most up-to-date equipment and terrain, in addition to setting up the venue for potential future games and events.

Olympic legends in their own right, Tom Kelly, left, and Ted Ligety, right talk community. Photo: Park City Chamber // Crayton Weixler.

“[UOP is] improving facilities, not just maintaining,” House said. “There are major investments going forward. I think, whether it’s 2030 or 2034, the Utah Olympic Legacy Foundation is being very thoughtful in its approach in community outreach not just in Park City but on the Wasatch back…As far as do we need another Olympics, I think you could debate that all day long, right? I think the opportunity for us as residents to engage a world of different cultures in our hometown, as part of an Olympics, is truly a special opportunity.”

This year’s Tourism Fall Forum was the first time Woodward Park City was included on the panel. Woodward’s Steve Metcalf was there to talk about inclusivity for female and female-identifying athletes at Woodward. Focusing on gender representation and recruitment for women and girls in skiing, snowboarding, skateboarding, and mountain biking is a priority for the sports complex.

The Forum was capped off by a fireside chat between Parkites Tom Kelly and Ted Ligety with the goal of stimulating our sense of community.

“Ted and Tom gave us that reminder that as we head into the ski season, we’ve got some challenges that we’re facing,” said House. “And yes, we need to be ready for a busy season, but at the end of the day, we’re here to have fun, we’re here to enjoy the mountains, we’re here to be part of this community. It was a great way to cap off the event…It was a breath of fresh air and really a step towards bringing back that fun-loving culture Park City is famous for.”

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