Bolt Ranch Store is the place for all things western

KAMAS, Utah — There’s something about the western lifestyle that speaks to people. The wide open spaces, the independent spirit, the sense of community – it’s no wonder that western enthusiasts are drawn to it. And what better way to show your fondness of the lifestyle than by wearing clothing that represents it?

Photo: Michael Kunde

Jenny Watts opened Bolt Ranch Store in Kamas in 2021 after buying a ranch in the area a few years prior, where they run horses and cattle. Upon looking for ways to get involved with the local community, Jenny volunteered at high school rodeos and other events around the valley until she and her husband, Ryan, bought the country store that was up for sale in hopes of spurring on her husband’s retirement as a neuroscientist as well. Although Ryan still works his day job, he enjoys selling boots on the weekends.

“I named it Bolt because my great-grandfather homesteaded a ranch up Smith and Morehouse Canyon, I have been going up there my entire life, and he was nearly struck by lightning and survived,” Jenny stated. “Also, with my last name being Watts, my kids have also liked lightning bolts, we have collected stickers, etc., everywhere we go.”

Bolt Ranch Store sells all things ranch/western wear. From boots, tack, and saddles for horses to custom-made hats after a recent collaboration with JW Custom hats. Customers can stop in the store and have a hat shaped for them as they wait (appointment needed). In addition, there are home goods, western clothing, and gifts.

“We sell everything we think you would need on a ranch,” Jenny said. “When we bought the store, it had been in business for 19 years, and the then manager, Nancy, has stayed with us. She knows everyone in the community, and it has been a gift to have her with us. She does a lot of the tack and the western stuff.”

Abby Spillett, Jenny’s daughter, also runs a small floral boutique inside the store, Oak Leaf Designs, and manages the women’s clothing. Something about the western lifestyle seems to inspire a sense of fashion among its enthusiasts. And while not everyone is lucky enough to live on a ranch, western wear provides a way for people to show their love of the lifestyle of the west.

Photo: Michael Kunde

“I love meeting all the people and all the interaction we have[here],” Jenny said. “People come in selling items as well, and I like helping people out like that. The sense of community up in Kamas is something I love as well. We try and appeal to a variety of customers.

There’s something about the western lifestyle that seems to capture the imagination. For some, that fascination leads to a desire to dress the part. And while you don’t need to be a cowboy or cowgirl to enjoy western wear, it helps to have a bit of country flair.


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