New mobile radars track and store speeds, gathering data, helping PCPD improve roadway safety

PARK CITY, Utah — Park City Police Department (PCPD) has acquired new radar speed trailers that can be deployed around the city. In other towns, radar-speed trailers have reduced traffic speeds by up to 9 m.p.h. Additionally, the department has also acquired new mobile lidar radars.

Park City’s growing population, the influx of tourists to the area, and winter driving conditions make roadway safety a significant issue for the city and the PCPD. Much of the conversation stems from the City Council meeting’s discussion on a speed limit reduction on September 15 and feedback received from the community asking for increased safety measures in neighborhoods. These new tools are part of the Neighborhood Traffic Mitigation Program (NTMP) with the support of the City Council and the Neighborhood First Committee.

“The Park City Police Department appreciates the support from the Neighborhood First Committee in furthering our education and enforcement efforts. It’s important to note that we work collectively with all of the departments in the city, along with community members, to make Park City a safe place to live,” said Lieutenant Rob McKinney of the Park City Police Department.

The new radar speed trailers open the door for many options for the PCPD to use in their goal of creating safer roadways. A key aspect is the data collection gained from implementing a speed trailer on a particular road.

“The new mobile radar speed trailers that we have acquired will allow our officers to move the trailer throughout the community. The radar speed trailer can also track and store the speed and count of all vehicles passing the sign, so the Park City Police Department can better understand and address traffic issues throughout the city and can more effectively deploy traffic enforcement officers exactly when and where they are needed the most,” said Lieutenant McKinney.

Knowing the data on what is happening on a targeted roadway can help determine where patrols are needed or the potential need for changes to the road design to improve safety. These speed trailers can significantly affect neighborhoods with a need for speed reductions and added security with a higher potential for children playing or pedestrians walking.

“Slowing down traffic is one of the most effective ways of reducing accidents and making Park City a more walkable and bikeable community,” said Lt. McKinney.

Although speed trailers are critical tools for officers, the new handheld lidar gun units are also significant for monitoring an area’s speeds as they use laser beams that can target specific vehicles more precisely than the previously used radar guns that use radio waves.

“Our new lidar units allow officers to target speed violators with pinpoint accuracy. These units are a great tool for our officers to enhance our enforcement and education efforts,” said Lt. McKinney.

PCPD released a video detailing the effectiveness and use of their new radar speed trailers on their Facebook page.

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